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‘Round here, artistic intention + deep love of connection
weaves its way into everything we make.

Welcome here. Welcome home!


A stationery + lifestyle brand, blog, and love story between words, images + play.

Simply put, we’re in the business of making days all over the planet –
for customers, virtual visitors, creative clients, and everyone in between.

With heart-crafted brush strokes + splashes of bright colour,
we create F R E S H, one-of-a-kind-designs that capture smiles + imaginations.

We’re also a petite design studio, offering branding, hand lettering, ebook design
and special commissioned pieces, found HERE.

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I’m Emma Kate – designer, storyteller and adventurer.

I’m a bitesized renegade, rebelling against the 9 to 5 world.
Heart first, one artful brush stroke at a time.

Someone important in my life once called me espiègle (in French).
It means playful, frolicsome, rascal, clever. He told me it fit my rogue adventurer mould.

I’m a garden dweller. D A Y  D R E A M E R. Treading lightly through this planet, with feet
on the earth and head in the clouds; petite-but-fierce frame, flighty but dependable nature.

I’m a mischief maker, all for messy hair + early rising + flower markets + coffee.

I hail from a long line of seekers. W A N D E R L U S T is in my bones.

I’ve designed my life in watercolour and ink, brush on page.
Two steady hands + wide open heart.
I paint happiness (sunshine yellow) and questions (prussian blue)
and mystery (violet) and joy (vivid orange).
And I colour outside the lines. On purpose.

My work is playful. It’s strong, with a touch of whimsy.
And I’m in this industry because I want complete, utter immersion.

When not tapping away on my laptop, you can most likely find me brunching,
or cross-legged + barefoot on a plane, daydreaming about how deep down,
I really wish I lived in Paris.

Nothing makes me happier than a pink-skied sunrise,
getting/sending prettily packaged mail, flying on a plane
bound for new adventure and loving with abandon.


In the power of D E L I G H T.

In unbridled freedom + exploring every corner of this ridiculously beautiful world.

In practicing kindness. The backward-bending, overdelivering, always-there-for-you type.

In sending out love freely, with wild abandon.


My work inspires:

Sudden smiles.
Days, made.
Happy, comfy sighs.
Compassion, brought into sharp focus.
Long overdue, i-miss-you phone calls.

I tell stories with paint, pen, texture + script.

And I love every second.


To me, design is alchemy. It comes as naturally to me as breathing. 

I feel a pull, an instinctual need to create. 
If I don't, it feels like looking through a telescope backwards.
Everything is fuzzy and disorientating. My sense of purpose erodes away.

The world needs more love. Art brings lightness + warmth + meaning.

And everything I craft is a vehicle for the thing I value the most: C O N N E C T I O N.

In other words, making people’s days — making your day  is my specialty.

With unabashed C L A R I T Y  +  H E A R T  +  S O U L +  G R A C E.

So, welcome here, dear heart. Do stay a while. 

Let's play.


+ I spend more money on flowers than food. But, seriously.

+ I studied Japanese for eight years.
Then, moved to France without speaking a word of French.
C’est la vie.

+ I love coffee. And I've got a thing for baristas. Always have, always will.

+ I put confetti in all of my mail. Even Especially the corporate stuff.

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