A brunch soirée with Le Petit Rosé

Many years ago, I moved to France without speaking a word of French. I could, as my good friend summarised it at the time, speak perfect "boulangerie"  ( - that is,  fluently order my pastries, and not much else.) When Jacobs Creek invited me to mix things up and embrace summer, the rosé way, I was obviously more than up for the challenge...

Beyond croissants, I love my morning coffee as much as the next person. But, you know, I thought about the saying that goes something like “coffee keeps me going until it’s time for wine” - and then I realised, what 'time' is that referring to precisely... and why wait at all anyway? Jacobs Creek have recently launched Le Petit Rosé. This rosé is French in style, but made in Australia. The beauty is that rosé, unlike any other wine, lets you have a little bit of fun! Whether that’s making frosé, making rosé cocktails, have it for brunch... or just drink it in coffee cups, as I decided to!

In celebration of the first week of Australia's summer, and honouring The Rosé Way, I switched up the typically evening soirée for a mid-morning time slot, and hosted a brunch spread. Cue smelly french cheese from the market, croissants and a palette of fruits, some pretty flowers, and the star of the show... Le Petit Rosé, of course!

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 Rosé Three Ways...

To ensure I explored rosé in multiple ways, I made up THREE rosé inspired components .. recipes are below!

Botanicals Rosé Cocktail


  • A standard glass of Le Petit Rosé

  • A splash of bitters

  • A dash of sparkling water, for fizz

  • White peach slices

  • Strawberry pieces

  • A squeeze of grapefruit juice

  • A segment (and squeeze) of lime

  • A sprig of rosemary for garnish

  • A cherry on top!

(Mix all together, serve in a large coffee mug before 12, or in a regular glass thereafter...)

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Rosé Syrup


  • A standard glass of Le Petit Rosé

  • The same volume of white sugar 

(Bring equal parts rosé and sugar to the boil in a saucepan. Reduce heat and summer until thickened - without stirring. Allow to cool before transferring to a glass or ceramic jar. Store in the refrigerator. To serve, pour over summer fruit.)

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Iceblock Rosé


  • Le Petit Rosé

  • Bitters

  • An assortment of fruits

(Place fruit pieces in reusable iceblock containers. Add a dash of bitters, and fill the vessels with Rose. Serve when completely frozen!

Note: Best to avoid taking too long photographing, like I did...rosé ice can melt fast!

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And now, the BEST bit! On behalf of Le Petit Rosé, I'm thrilled to announce a competition! You can win a double VIP pass to Laneway Festival Melbourne (2017)! During the Promotion Period (6th Dec to 30th Dec 2016), take a photo of your best summer moments and post to Instagram with the hashtag #TheRoséWay and tag @lepetitrose_au with my Instagram handle (@emmakateco) for a chance to win. Yippee!

Head here for the T&C’s.


This post is in collaboration with Le Petit Rosé.  Exquisite blooms (and epic warehouse windows) from Austin Bloom, handmade ceramics from Phendei, and photos by me!

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Gravatar for Charles
Charles December 11, 2016 at 9:58 pm

I missed out big time!!! Amazing photography and styling. Everything looks so delicious!

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Gravatar for Camilla
Camilla December 12, 2016 at 2:29 pm

Me too! Looks incredible Em! Everything sounds so delicious.

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Gravatar for Susanne Dancer
Susanne Dancer December 9, 2016 at 3:50 pm

Sounds like something yummy to try. I love rosé and will definitely be looking for it at my local liquor store. Thank you for the inspiration.

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