April :: YOU'VE GOT THIS (and free printables for you)

Can somebody please explain to me - how is it the end of April already?! This means it is time to release our fourth and final #bloglovefest offering for our April Collective Celebration of Self Care. But don’t worry, Jaclyn and I have more themed #BlogLoveFest activities in store for you yet, over the rest of 2015. We’re having too much fun bringing you these goodies to keep it to just one month!

Today, our printable is :: Keep Going, You’ve Got This. Encouraging you to send you onwards + forwards, in a gentle, loving + inspired way.

EKCo Blog DIY April YouveGotThis{Download your printable poster :: KEEP GOING, YOU'VE GOT THIS}

So, beautiful one. What’s next for you? For me, I’ve got some BIG weeks ahead, as I put the finishing touches on my signature stationery collection, and then shift focus from creative cave immersion, to sorting printing, quotes, accounting, logistics, a VIP launch party (!) and preparing for my very first Trade Fairs. I’m going to keep going - and trust that I’ve got this. It's the only way, right?

In closing, I’m going to refer to the very wise mantras stuck to the bottom corner of iMac, by way of a post-it-note, courtesy of Danielle La Porte’s sage advice. These four lines have been buoying me through this year (and sometimes, referred to hourly):

Say YES, then figure it out. 

Remember that life is on your side

Everything is progress. 

And know - you are changing.

Simple, sweet, and powerful, huh? So, go now, you wonderful one. Go and make your magic (and don’t forget to look after yourself).

By the way, we’d really LOVE for you to use the below social media buttons, to put out the YOU'VE GOT THIS message into social media land + collectively celebrate and encourage each other. Simply right click on one of the images below, to download and save, to use via Instagram or Facebook. We are SO grateful for you joining us. 

EKCo Collab BlogSociety AprilSelfCare Shoot 6 Insta 2EKCo Collab BlogSociety AprilSelfCare Shoot 6 Insta

PS: thanks to my girl Carly for being the best hand model / poster girl possible + for shooting these pics with LOTS of curious onlookers xx

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Gravatar for Sonia from Sonia Styling
Sonia from Sonia Styling April 29, 2015 at 12:33 pm

Oh. I. Love. This! Perfect timing. x

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Gravatar for Emma Kate Codrington
Emma Kate Codrington April 29, 2015 at 11:39 pm

Yay! Enjoy you wonderful spirit x

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