Blissed out in Bali, with Lifestyle Retreats

Oh, Bali. The island that has called me for so long.

Over a February summer night in the balmy hustle of inner city Sydney, with wine and laughter and storytelling, I told my friend Jaclyn that Bali was up next on my itinerary. It was instantaneous; her eyes softened and sparkled. It was some mix of nostalgia, and love, and connection - a gentle veil of knowing. She warned me that this island would be like nothing and everything I had experienced before. Intoxicating, charming, completely chaotic and calm; a beautiful juxtaposition, and utterly immersive. “Give it two days, and then the rest of the world will abruptly fall away,” she said.

And I so, completely get that now. Because… it just did.
EKCo Blog WAB BALI Hero 1576 2

From the moment I stepped off the plane into the smoggy and humid March sky, Bali pushed me way off-centre, and it’s how I remained for the rest of the trip. Outside of anything familiar, in a strange and beautiful way, where heady incense and tropical fruits, pure sea spray and sharp, winding roads, lush rice fields and toothy smiles, a hot beating sun and ice cool cucumber juice, deafening motorbikes and delicate floral offerings, and gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, all coexist in an idiosyncratic mash; an exquisite symphony of precision. All at once.

Bali is an assault on the senses in every way, shape and form. And I was captivated. Every Bali experience must surely share one constant - it is indelibly written, it won’t ever leave you. Simply, you cannot leave this place the same as you arrived.

I had the great pleasure of sharing the journey with my beautiful Mum in tow. Someone on Instagram kindly wrote that travelling with a parent, as an adult, is a beautiful gift that would be with me forever, and I unequivocally agree. Before Bali, we had scaled the Eiffel tower and trekked between seaside villages of the Cinque Terre, navigated counter-intuitive European train systems, wandered backstreets and gazed at pastel skies on the French Riviera. And the memories collected on this latest adventure are ever the more so hilarious, frustrating and bonding, woven tightly into our story as mother and daughter. And Mum didn’t just keep me company, she cleverly snapped so many of the photos of me below. Move over Instagram husband - meet my Instagram Mother. Might I say, didn't she do amazing?!

We were incredibly grateful to visit Bali for the first time together, and adventure our way around the island for nine nights as guests of Lifestyle Retreats.

Together, we hopped, cocktail sipped and happily wandered our way around the island, experiencing five of Lifestyle Retreat’s six privately owned boutique hotels and idyllic retreats, every accommodation pitstop feeling ever the more so nurturing and welcoming: our Island home(s).

Let it be said - Lifestyle Retreats don’t do mediocre. Accommodation is luxurious, and the tiniest of details are considered. From the moment we were greeted at the arrivals hall of Ngurah Rai International Airport, to the moment our suitcases were checked back in for departure, we felt so beautifully looked after.

Our stay went something like this… 

Bali March2016 Exploring 019

Bali March2016 Exploring 012 EditBali March2016 Exploring 017Bali March2016 Exploring 004Bali March2016 Exploring 025Bali March2016 Exploring 094Bali March2016 Exploring 112Bali March2016 Exploring 070Bali March2016 Exploring 135Bali March2016 Exploring 142Bali March2016 Mum 026

Checking in: The Amala

It was nearing midnight by the time our car turned off the main road of Seminyak and down the driveway of our first Balinese home-away-from-home. The first word that comes to mind when I caught of The Amala was tranquil. It’s adults only, so the atmosphere is calm and intimate; a beautiful alchemy of lush green and water everywhere. In our own private villa, we enjoyed a spa bath, plunge pool and private sauna - and we were lucky to experience Balinese massages in the divine wellness spa too. Thank you to Amelie, and your beautiful team for such a warm welcome and impeccable service. First impressions in a new country often set a precedent for an entire trip, and The Amala ensured our experience was unforgettable.

The Amala // Jl. Kunti I, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung
Bali March2016 TheAmala 019

Bali March2016 TheAmala 021

Bali March2016 TheAmala 030

Bali March2016 TheAmala 033

Bali March2016 TheAmala 026

Bali March2016 Mum 005

Bali March2016 TheAmala 012 Edit

Bali March2016 TheAmala 028Bali March2016 Mum 015Bali March2016 TheAmala 007

Bali March2016 TheAmala 038 Edit

Bali March2016 TheAmala 050Bali March2016 TheAmala 044 Edit

Wearing Keepsake the Label {available here}Bali March2016 TheAmala 051Bali March2016 TheAmala 043 Edit

IZE Seminyak

Next up, we checked in to IZE Seminyak. In contrast to the Amala, IZE is everything upbeat, modern and edgy. It’s in the heart of Seminyak, so stay here not to escape, but to get right amongst it. The architecture is beautiful and the view from the rooftop infinity pool is spectacular. Our stay here was loud and fun. From here, we shopped, and walked ,and jumped head first in the coffee scene by day, and bar scene by night. Our room was spacious and cool, and our backdoor opened right onto a lap pool.

IZE Seminyak // Jl. Kayu Aya, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Bali March2016 IZE 002 EditBali March2016 IZE 037Bali March2016 IZE 016

Bali March2016 IZE 027Bali March2016 IZE 031

Wearing Keepsake The Label {available here}Bali March2016 IZE 020

Bali March2016 IZE 009

Wearing Keepsake the Label {available here}

Bali March2016 IZE 012

Bali March2016 IZE 015

Bali March2016 IZE 006

Bali March2016 Mum 017

Bali March2016 IZE 017Bali March2016 IZE 019

The Santai

Arriving at the Santai after two days in frenetic Seminyak was a welcome breath of fresh air - we had loved the chaos, but were more than ready to relax. The Santai feels much more neighbourhood-like and off the beaten path, with the property is set amongst rice fields, but it is still situated only a fifteen minute drive from the centre of Seminyak. Our villa was incredible, and our private pool was bigger than houses I’ve called home. Breakfasts were delivered to our villa daily, The Santai is definitely a place that you could check in to and never actually leave until checking out. Also, Edi at concierge, if you ever read this, you should know that you’re my favourite person in all of Bali. Thank you for being so friendly to us!

The Santai // Jalan Bumbak No.88A, Banjar Kelod Anyar, Kerobokan, Kuta Utara, Badung

Bali March2016 Mum 044Bali March2016 Santai 019

Bali March2016 Santai 024

Bali March2016 Mum 046

Bali March2016 Santai 022

Bali March2016 Mum 036Bali March2016 Mum 038Bali March2016 Santai 035


0C3A4425 copy

Bali March2016 Santai 017

Bali March2016 Santai 014

Bali March2016 Santai 007

Bali March2016 Santai 003Bali March2016 Santai 001

Bali March2016 Mum 061

Wearing Keepsake the Label

The Balé

I try not to pick out favourites, but I have to say it. The Balé was my favourite of all the properties we experienced, and I did not want to leave (ever). Our private villa was secluded, luxurious, spacious and like something out of a dream. Everything about our stay here was simply wonderful. I enjoyed a morning up in the spa and we loved our tapas dinner at… Tapas (name, on point!)

The Balé // Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Kuta Selatan, Kuta

Bali March2016 TheBale 047

Bali March2016 TheBale 032

Bali March2016 TheBale 002Bali March2016 TheBale 003Bali March2016 TheBale 008

Bali March2016 TheBale 007

Bali March2016 TheBale 010Bali March2016 TheBale 036

Bali March2016 Mum 072

Bali March2016 TheBale 013Bali March2016 TheBale 015

Bali March2016 TheBale 051Bali March2016 TheBale 054

The Samata

The newest addition to the Lifestyle Retreats family - we had just one night here before flying out, and I’m really glad I got to experience this property because of its remote positioning and view of the rice fields fading into the sea beyond. ‘Samata’ is a Sanskrit word meaning the state of equilibrium between body, mind and soul, and is beautifully fitting with the philosophy of this property - a place where fitness and physical activities meets utter relaxation and calm. The location of the Samata makes it a convenient point of departure for venturing further afar, especially to Ubud, and the staff were beyond wonderful to us.

The Samata // Jl.Pucuk, No.67 , Sanur 80237, Tangtu, Denpasar Timur

Bali March2016 Samata 025

Bali March2016 Samata 033Bali March2016 Samata 009Bali March2016 Samata 007 Edit

Bali March2016 Samata 036

Bali March2016 Mum 087Bali March2016 Samata 010Bali March2016 Samata 019

Bali March2016 Mum 082


Wearing Keepsake The LabelBali March2016 Mum 083

Bali March2016 Samata 028 Edit

exploring, but first… COFFEE.


My first Bali coffee, and I was impressed. It tastes like home (enter: Bonsoy and Instagrammable cups). Australian quality coffee comes with Australian priced coffee, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone, nor would it me.

Sisterfields // Jl. Kayu Cendana No.7, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 001

Revolver Espresso

Coffee here is in its own class. Don’t miss this place, it’s unparalleled and the best, for coffee and its mashup of aesthetics. Plus, you enter through a dreamiest of doors, so how could it not be. We have you in mind - all the time - through every process - every coffee - every meal - every smile - is the manifesto, and I absolutely felt that.

Revolver Espresso // Jl. Kayu Aya No 3 (Gang 51), Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 010Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 007Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 006

Sea Circus

“Not an actual circus. Also not on the sea. Kinda near the beach, and probably as entertaining as the circus” is the welcoming line on the website of this quirky establishment - and I was charmed before arriving. There’s all day breakfast, and a menu inspired by global wandering, and I was even offered flower petals for styling my Instagram photo (win!). Running away with the (sea) circus is an attractive concept, with coffee like this.

Sea Circus // Jalan Kayu Aya No. 22, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 013Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 018Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 019XLFD6397IMG 1547


Café Bali

Unassuming from the outside, enter this little cafe and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped inside the mismatched living room of an eccentric auntie. Cute.

Café Bali // Jl. Laksamana Basangkasa, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

IMG 1397

Livingstone Bakery

Made for the minimalists, this cafe meets concept store is all white painted bricks and industrial hanging lights and a lofty warehouse feel. Do wander upstairs to the Buro Concept Store above, where you’ll find a beautiful curation of designer clothing, accessories and homewares, many which are exclusive to Bali. The light here is dreamy, the coffee is speciality and freelancers, take note - it doubles as a co-working space. Say hi to Diego!

Livingstone Bakery // Buro Concept Store // Kerobokan Kelod, North Kuta, Badung

IMG 1872MALL0066

Clear Café

A world away from the hustle of Seminyak coffee establishments, nestled in the depths of Ubud above is Clear Cafe. There is coffee here, but when you see the menu of fresh juices, elixirs, tonics, iced teas, water infusions, Kombucha and other amazing creations, you will probably miss the coffee list altogether. Escaping the heat of the afternoon, I picked the orange orbit juice and it completely revived me.

 Clear Café // Jalan Campuhan, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar

Bali March2016 Exploring 143Bali March2016 Exploring 145Bali March2016 Exploring 148Bali March2016 Exploring 150

After Five

Motel Mexicola

Saludos! The home of the best guacamole I’ve ever had. I don’t want to even attempt to describe this place - you just have to experience it for yourself.

Motel Mexicola // Jl. Kayujati No. 9X, Seminyak, Kabupaten Badung

 Bali March2016 CoffeeFood 003

La Laguna

Driving into the entrance of my long-awaited bar bucket list Potato Head, our driver was promptly halted and ushered back out, due to its closure for a private function that night.

By happy accident, we happened upon La Laguna, also on the Seminyak beachfront, just a little further up the way. This place had me at the entrance pathway, which is dotted with gypsy caravans just made for nomad free spirit types (and their Instagram feeds).

A perfect spot to watch the sun down, with a margarita in hand, preferably.

La Laguna // Jl. Pura Kayu Putih, Banjar Dinas Tegal Gundul, Desa Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

 Bali March2016 Exploring 044

Bali March2016 Exploring 043

Bali March2016 Exploring 057Bali March2016 Exploring 050 EditBali March2016 Exploring 066Bali March2016 Exploring 062


When four different friends independently recommended this beautiful restaurant to me, I knew it had to be done. Food here is art, and dining is an experience. No, it’s even more than that - it’s a culinary journey. Ingredients are all locally sourced, and there is the option to eat from the Herbivore menu, or Locavore menu.

As owners Eelke, Adi & Ray put it, ‘We think of ourselves as the catalysts between local producers and discriminating diners. Our ingredient-driven menu celebrates the farmers, fisherman and artisans we've met along our journey. By developing lasting relationships with local producers, we ensure you the freshest of chemical-free seasonal produce and ethically fed meat animals. And by supporting local farmers and artisans, Locavore is an authentic member of its community.’

Locavore // Jalan Dewisita No. 10, Ubud

Bali March2016 Exploring 006

Sundara at Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay

Named after the Sanskrit word for “beautiful”, The only thing between the open-air terrace of this asian inspired restaurant and the panoramic Jimbaran Bay beachfront is a 57 metre infinity pool. It’s five-star flair meets way chilled out beach-club. There was live music and stone cauldrons ablaze with open flames, incredible tapas and a silver sunset and then thunderstorm rolling across the sky. One of my favourite nights in Bali.

Sundara // Jl. Bukit Permai, Jimbaran, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung

Bali March2016 FSJimbaran 001Bali March2016 FSJimbaran 003

Bali March2016 FSJimbaran 020 EditBali March2016 FSJimbaran 021

Nampu at Grand Hyatt {Nusa Dua}

Boasting a 650 metre stretch of private beach (that is, Bali’s biggest beachfront) positions the Grand Hyatt in Nusa Dua as a rather iconic establishment - but the beach is just the beginning. Before dining, I was gratefully treated to an afternoon of indulgence at Kriya spa, which draws upon the traditional Balinese healing philosophies of Hindu, Jamu and Ayurveda.But back to the food. Set within a rustic Japanese Izakaya ‘country inn’ that feels like it’s been plucked straight from somewhere in rural Japan, Nampu restaurant delighted us with the freshest sushi, authentic Japanese fare and edamame for days.

Nampu Japanese Restaurant // Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua BTDC, Nusa Dua


Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 019

Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 015Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 011

Pasar Senggol - the Grand Hyatt’s signature Indonesian/Balinese restaurant, designed as a contemporary Balinese night market

Ayung Terrace, Four Seasons at Sayan

No Bali visit would be complete without an authentic Indonesian meal, and we did this in style, dining among the palm treetops on the crest of a gorge at Four Seasons at Sayan. Wandering around the property was like something out of a dream, and… Gado Gado? Need I say more.

Ayung Terrace Restaurant //  Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar

Bali March2016 FSUbud 011Bali March2016 FSUbud 002

Bali March2016 FSUbud 003Bali March2016 FSUbud 004Bali March2016 FSUbud 009

Adventures, always

It was incredible to experience the shifts in energy and vibe around the island - each area with its unique feel. From the magic calm of Jimbaran Bay on Bali's southwestern coast at dusk, to the palpable spirit of creativity flowing among Ubud Village, the fairytale back streets beyond the bustle of tourist-flooded Seminyak… Bali felt like one big, beautiful anomaly - a melting pot of everything ethereal, punctuated with loud buzz of motorcycles, tourist chatter and an underlying practice of deep gratitude and ritual.

There are so many places to see, but do not miss Pura Luhur Uluwatu (Pecatu, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung) at sundown - a sea temple perched on top of a steep cliff above the vast waves of the Indian Ocean. The UNESCO World Heritage site Jatiluwih rice terraces (Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Penebel) are way off the beaten track, but absolutely worth it, too.

Bali, you were everything I hoped you would be, and so very much more. I’ll be back.

Bali March2016 Mum 066

Jatiluwih rice terraces

Bali March2016 Exploring 072Bali March2016 Exploring 075Bali March2016 Exploring 077Bali March2016 Exploring 081Bali March2016 Exploring 083Bali March2016 Exploring 099

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, or Uluwatu TempleBali March2016 Exploring 098Bali March2016 Exploring 118Bali March2016 Exploring 119

Bali March2016 Mum 0700C3A4766Bali March2016 Exploring 104Bali March2016 Exploring 129Bali March2016 Exploring 139 Edit

Pretty Ubud

Bali March2016 Exploring 005

Bali March2016 Exploring 136Bali March2016 Exploring 131

Bali March2016 FSJimbaran 014

Jimbaran Bay at duskBali March2016 FSJimbaran 016Bali March2016 FSJimbaran 019Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 001

Kriya Spa - a place of unrivalled indulgence. ‘Kriya’ means ritual in Sanskrit.
Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 003Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 006Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 012Bali March2016 GrandHyatt 017

Bali March2016 Exploring 007 Edit

Wandering the back streets of SeminyakBali March2016 Exploring 010 EditBali March2016 Exploring 028

Bali March2016 Exploring 038

Bali March2016 Exploring 039Bali March2016 Exploring 035Bali March2016 Exploring 036Bali March2016 Exploring 029 Edit

Disclaimer: we {gratefully} experienced Bali as guests of Lifestyle Retreats.

We were also kindly invited to dine with Four Seasons at Sundara (Jimbaran) and Ayung Terrace at Sayan (Ubud), and also experience dining and spa at Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua. 

All opinions are always - authentically and completely - my own.

I wear my favourites from Keepsake The Label {gifted}, Spell Byron Bay and Feather & Noise {gifted}.

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