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rainbow chasers: Carly Stephan

Oh goodness me, I am pretty darn excited to introduce you to this week's rainbow chaser - because she's only one of my favourite people on the planet in the history of ever. Lovely readers, it's time you meet Carly Stephan. 

Carly is an omni-passionate international aid and development project manager and writer. She works on projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on cultivating sustainable livelihoods, the empowerment of women, community enterprise, local market development and positive social change. Carly also has a beautiful blog, Pockets of Peace, where you will find spirited musings on peace, wellness and living an inspired life.

We met via the Interwebs a couple of years back, when Carly approached me to work on her blog's branding. It was the week that I moved to London, and although right at that time our distance was literally a world apart, it was clear from the first email that this lady was MY type of person. We promptly kicked off a 'long distance' friendship, which soon led to working on a beautiful collaborative project - the Pockets of Peace manifesto (all sold out now, but we have a handful of greeting cards + gift tags still available!)

Carly and I finally met in real life just a couple of months ago, when we road tripped from Brisbane to Byron Bay, and it was one of the most nourishing, healing, joy-filled weeks of my life. I know we're going to have many soul-sister, free-spirited, sun-drenched adventures to come (like, literally - i'm hopping on a plane for our next adventure in just over a week!)

Soak up these beautiful, insightful, spirit-centred words from Carly below. It's absolutely soul nourishing stuff.

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WOMADelaide Music Festival: 2015

When I think of Womadelaide, I think of colour and henna and sundrenched picnics and anklets and dancing everywhere. Of collective spirit and acoustic tunes and tamborines and african beats and pastel flags and orange sky.

And of joy. So much joy.

I’ll let these pictures tell some thousand words.

Thank you Womadelaide for offering me a media pass to wander barefoot and capture this sunny Sunday with my camera x

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Ladies (+ Lads) of Instagram: The Daily Edited

This week I'm transporting you to an Instagram world of pastels, petals and prettiness via @TheDailyEdited. I've been crushing on these gorgeous leather goods, and equally, the stunning flat lays and styling of product shots, for a long time now. And then there is their lifestyle blog, beyond Instagram. I mean - can I just have one of everything please?!

Meet founders Alyce and Tania, and hear a little more of the story behind their exquisite Instagram account.

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rainbow chasers: Leah Davies

This week I’m thrilled to introduce you to a beautiful friend of mine, with a luminous spirit that's impossibly infectious.

Meet Leah Davies: purpose-filled writer, human rights activist and coach for budding wordsmiths. Her beautiful site and blog, Paper Planes Connect, is a place to celebrate our difference and to unite in our sameness. Leah writes to ignite meaningful connection, to arouse curiosity, to push boundaries, and to create change. And just you watch - she’s going to light up the globe.

Leah and I first connected in London, as Aussie expat classmates in in Rachel MacDonald’s Bloghearted ecourse. A few short months down the way, we found ourselves both in Australia, walking from Bondi to Bronte on the New South Wales coast, birthing and workshopping a collaborative dream that will unravel later this year (watch this space!) I just know we were destined to meet. I seriously can’t wait for Leah's return to Aussie shores again soon, for many adventures.

It’s time you get to know Leah.

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12 Freelance Friendly Adelaide Cafes You Should Know About

Have you heard of the term “coffice”? As in, coffee office. It’s totally a thing.

Freelancers of Adelaide, fly-by visitors, coffee fanciers, succulent aficionados (let’s be honest - what cafes don't have them sitting on tabletops these days) and anyone who likes food done well, this post is for you.

Gone are the days of freelance life being a solitary existence, hunched over a desk squashed in the spare bedroom or your kitchen table. You can now do that work from a cosy cafe, while simultaneously people watching, mainlining caffeine when you need it, absorbing cafe tunes and generally spending your day in a more lively, sociable atmosphere. I was thrilled to arrive back to Adelaide to find plenty of ideal coffice spaces that have popped up during my extended absence, coaxing freelancers from their secret hideaways, with apple laptops and oversized headphones, to join in the fun.

I’ve lovingly coffee-hopped my way around town to sample coffee, suss the vibe, road test key tapping and wifi connectivity, to curate and now bring you this list of your must-know, go-to coffee spots. 

I’ll be upfront from the get-go and say that wifi in cafes around Adelaide is NOT a strong point. I’ve also personally found the free Adelaide-wide wifi to also be largely unreliable. So, at least for the mean time, securing yourself with a decent data package for personal hot-spotting your own private net connection is pretty much a non-negotiable. For the handful of cafes below who DO offer their own, fast wifi, you have my heart. Thank you. 

So, in no particular order, here’s my pick of the crop!
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Ladies (+ Lads) of Instagram: Sarah Shanahan

It is no secret that Instagram has my heart in a BIG way. This app has been the catalyst for me connecting with some ridiculously beautiful + downright inspiring people around the world, who I now consider some of my dearest friends. So, it's probably not a great surprise to learn that I've been planning a little project centred around this app, in the name of beautiful photos + kindred connection. This was always going to happen.

Today I add a new weekly column on the blog, curating + profiling some of the prettiest Instagram accounts out there. Here, I plan to peek behind the curtain of pixels, filters,and mouth-watering breakfasts, to reveal the beautiful people and stories behind some of their best captures.
First up in this new series, is Adelaide-based professional organiser, and queen of flat-lays, Sarah Shanahan. This lady’s IG feed is perfection - and I can unequivocally confirm that Sarah herself is just as gorgeous in real life as the photos she captures. Let's meet Sarah.

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rainbow chasers: Alana Wimmer

This week's rainbow chaser has me all tickled pink raspberry. Meet Alana Wimmer: founder and creative director of the digital publishing house, Raspberry Stripes, and the stunning digital publication Raspberry Magazine. Alana works with lady entrepreneurs to design eBooks that create positive change and also blogs about eBooks and running a business. I met Alana for the first time on a recent trip to Brisbane, and in the space of a few days we had some wonderful adventures involving crystal foraging, an interiors photo shoot (for Raspberry Magazine!) and dancing in a forest at dusk (with flower crowns). Sister of the heart, I tell you. Here is Alana's story x EKCo Blog RC AW Hero 1576 2

rainbow chasers: Nikki de Vet

This week, I’m thrilled to introduce you to a rainbow chaser who also happens to be a very dear friend of mine.

Nikki de Vet is a London-based life coach, blogger and all round joy-filled, illuminating spirit. We connected by way of Rachel MacDonald’s Bloghearted ecourse, and from our very first brunch date, I knew this would be the beginning of one powerful, soul-nourishing, life-long friendship. In a very condensed space of visa-limited time, we met for many one-part gin, two-parts soul infused catch-ups and foodie adventures all over London’s surface area, before I had to leave her and London behind.

I’m so grateful that we connected when we did - I can’t describe the uplifting joy and fun this girl brought into my life in a time when I needed it most.

For now, a hemisphere of distance between us means that our catch ups come at odd hours, and mostly in the form of digital conversation. Thank GOODNESS for Skype, because getting to still hear this girl’s bubbling laughter is precious beyond compare. Without further ado, it's time to meet my lovely Nikki.

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