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Rainbow Chasers :: Sara Lundgren of Zakkia

Of the many strange and wonderful connections, creative projects and opportunities that social media has lassoed from afar and circled into my orbit, connecting with Sara Lundgren - creative director and founder of Scandinavian inspired homewares label Zakkia is forever going to be a standout and distinct favourite. Zakkia reached out to me about a possible collaboration mid last year, and we set a time to meet in Sydney. As soon as I connected with Sara, and her right-hand lady Emma, I knew this connection was going to be something incredibly special, and enduring. 

There’s just something about Zakkia. The homewares are fresh, exquisite and something of a dream, where Scandinavian simplicity meets the Bondi Coast. I stepped into the Zakkia studio space for the first time, and immediately felt like I belonged. Collaboration wise, there’s a sweet serendipity about joining forces with creatives who are so aligned by ambition, vision and process  - there's flow - and it all just works. Personally, it has been utterly inspiring to meet a brand a few years on from where I am right now (in the very early days) and just imagine the “what if" - to jump forwards and think about the adventures to come. And at our last meeting, we toyed with the idea of coffee before opting to just go for champagne instead, so naturally, the team behind this label are all girls after my heart (!)

Together we very recently pre-launched two special candles, with more to collaborative goodness come. But as is the way with the best brands, there's also a beautiful story to be told, behind the tangible products.

Today I am excited to introduce you to Sara, a lady in demand (most recently, casually featured on The Design Files!)  - I have not a doubt in my mind you’ll adore her and Zakkia as much as I do.

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a weekend escape to Daylesford, Victoria

The words ‘sweet sixteen’ have been dotted about the place in reference to this new year and it has such a beautiful sentiment, I think. New years always feel expansive with possibility, but there’s something different and palpable in the air about this one for me. I feel enabled... like anything, or everything is lingering and in reach.

Last year, I cracked open and unfurled, cautiously, then vividly. I retreated into my bow then launched my arrow straight and direct, full tilt with precision towards my dream. When I think about the words that call me for sweet sixteen, soar comes to mind - in business, in becoming. Play comes to mind - in exploring further, wild and untethered. And lumière (light in French) comes to mind - light in spirit, in approach to life, in love. I think my one word is R A D I E N C E. I want 2016 to be about seeking ease, to go about things in flow. To trust what is written, to live out every little moment from a place of light-filled joy.

The first moments of 2016 began in the orange afterglow of a bonfire in the Byron Bay hinterland. They say that the way you spend your New Year’s Eve says a lot about what’s in store with your year ahead. I spent the night with brand new friends I met on that day, beside my best one, laughing and alight and free. We drank gin under the stars, slept on blow up mattresses and woke to fresh country air and an apricot dawn.

After some days I returned back to Adelaide to immerse in my creative cave and birth some new designs, to extend my Wild Hearts collection, but I was restless. Sometimes you just need to take time to live, to inspire your work. And so, I did. I jumped on a plane over to Victoria, to explore somewhere that’s long been on my bucket list.

We wander to get lost and found. And as it turns out, sometimes things just have a way of finding you.