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Meet Zalie

Hey, guys! I have someone VERY special to introduce to you, today.

Meet Zalie - our fabulous PR savvy, 
Emma Kate Co. studio right-hand! Also known as the studio fairy who arrived on the office doorstep with a suitcase FULL of enthusiasm and freshly world-wandered feet, to shake things up around here for the (far, far) better.

Literally straight off a plane from Northern Hemisphere travels, Zalie immersed herself into this new world
, and has been working alongside me for almost 2 months, now.

Today, she’s here to tell a little more of her story. So scroll on down, and meet Zalie...


I am the newest addition to Emma Kate Co - and believe me, when I say this has been a goal of mine for some time. Lucky for me, throughout twist and turns, the working of fate has let this little piece of magic [confetti filled, shimmery magic] fall into place.