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rainbow chasers: Kate Baillie and Caitlin Whitehouse of Archery Collections

Today is just one of those Tuesdays where you wake up ridiculously excited for what’s ahead. For me, it’s because I could jump out of my bed, land ungracefully at my iMac and hit publish on this post - before coffee. Yes, I really am that excited.

Today, I introduce you to the beautiful jewellery that is Archery Collections - and the gorgeous two Adelaide creatives behind it - Kate and Caitlin. I’ve crushed hard on their pieces ever since they launched the Archery label, and if you know me well, you’ll know that i’m basically never not wearing an Archery piece, on one limb or another.

We’re talking rope. Neon. Threads. Dye. Hand-painted fabrics. Bells. Pom poms. Mint green coloured pom poms, I'll have you know. Are you hearing me yet?!

I popped into Archery HQ a little while back, to take some snaps of their gorgeously styled studio space, and I sincerely wish I could call this space home.

So, settle your soul + be prepared to beam up some inspiration - neon style. Here’s the beautiful story behind Archery Collections.

EKCo Blog RC Archery Hero 1576

rainbow chasers: Adelina Sarkisyan

Next up in this rainbow chasers series, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Adelina Sarkisyan: writer, editor and poetess with a vintage typewriter named Bogie (adore!) and a wild affinity with words. Adelina describes words as small pieces of magic, that she is obsessed with and possessed by. She’s on a mission to change the consciousness of the world into something harmonic and beautiful (and that, she is).

In fact, you have probably read her poetic missives around the Instagram digs before - they’re the words that stop you short, capture your heart and leave you lingering. I don’t remember when or how I stumbled on Adelina’s stunning scripts, but as is the way with many good things, sometimes they just find you.

So go forth and soak up her wisdom and wonderful musings. And... word on the street is, there's a lovely surprise waiting for you at the end. x

EKCo Blog RC Adelina Hero 1576 2

Printables + Downloads: Valentine's Cards

Well, Valentine’s Day is nigh, and this year I’ve got a hot date booked with my one true love… a plane

Sydney, I’m looking at you!

But as Jac from Blog Society and I have been thinking, why don’t we cast the Valentine’s net beyond romantic love (or in my case, perpetual travel love) this year, and use the day to spread some serious blogger-to-blogger adoration out there too.

So we've teamed up to make JUST the thing for you.

EKCo Blog DIY Valentines

rainbow chasers: Anna Westerlund

Today, I launch a new series on this blog dedicated to spotlighting and telling the stories of rainbow chasers of the world.

That is: creative mavericks, who are chasing their dreams, catching them, and making the world more beautiful in the process. Change makers, action takers, who live unabashedly authentic. Passion-led and heart first. Those who elevate the world for us, by making their art.

I am SO excited by the lineup of beautiful people I’ve got in store, to share with you over the coming weeks. Delightful sparks, visionary souls. People you're going to fall head over heels for, and be madly inspired by.

First up, is an incredibly special rainbow chaser, by the name of Anna Westerlund.

EKCo Blog RC AnnaWesterlund Hero 1576