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April :: YOU'VE GOT THIS (and free printables for you)

Can somebody please explain to me - how is it the end of April already?! This means it is time to release our fourth and final #bloglovefest offering for our April Collective Celebration of Self Care. But don’t worry, Jaclyn and I have more themed #BlogLoveFest activities in store for you yet, over the rest of 2015. We’re having too much fun bringing you these goodies to keep it to just one month!

Today, our printable is :: Keep Going, You’ve Got This. Encouraging you to send you onwards + forwards, in a gentle, loving + inspired way.

EKCo Blog DIY April YouveGotThis{Download your printable poster :: KEEP GOING, YOU'VE GOT THIS}

rainbow chasers: Sonia Styling

There’s no doubt about it. Sonia (of Sonia Styling) is my blogger crush. When we met for the first time, we had wine, and she explained to me that she had a hashtag for that - #SoniaStylingHappyHour. Right then and there, I knew i’d found a kindred.

On screen, she’s gorgeous, stylish, approachable and social. In real life, she’s all of this - along with being completely genuine, seriously clever, generous, refreshing and totally hilarious (in the good way).  Sonia’s online space is a hub for fashion, life, beauty and home, served up with a dash of sass, a sprinkling of humour and a generous shot of honesty. It’s a blog for life and style with sparkle. And sparkle bright, she does. I totally adore this lady.

Read on, for more of Sonia’s story.

EKCo Blog RC Sonia Hero 1576

April :: SLOW IT DOWN (and free printables for you)

Well. What a powerful April it has been, so far. Jaclyn and I can hardly believe the sharing of stories and thoughts on self care that have been offered so far with our #BlogLoveFest movement. It goes without saying, we are awestruck and deeply humbled.

So - thank you. Thank you for showing up and being real.

Today, we release our third printable - and this week’s message is a good one. SLOW  IT DOWN. (Amen, right?!)

EKCo Blog DIY April SlowItDown

rainbow chasers: Bri Hammond

Today’s interview is with Melbourne based photographer (and lovely heart) Bri Hammond. I’ve been lucky to know this wonderful girl for many years, since we met as young and naive uni students in first year studio class, and discovered a shared love for local Adelaide band Lowrider (you connect with the best ones over music). Over the past years we’ve danced like crazy at Lowrider gigs, walked in the storm tunnels underneath the Adelaide city, partied at a swanky design conference dinner where we really didn’t belong, flown to Melbourne for a day of vintage shopping adventure the most bizarre photography exhibition when we really couldn’t afford it, had amazing espressos in a tiny town square of Treviso, northern Italy, hopped on a gondola in Venice, and most recently, brunched in Brunswick.

She’s genuine and funny, and way too humble about her insane talent. She’s also the kind of friend that would do anything for you. And right now, she’s bravely asked for the creative community to help HER.

Bri and her lovely partner Chris were recently broken into - in their Melbourne home - twice. The first thing most people say after a sympathetic sad face is to ask whether they had everything insured. Ironically and tragically, Bri was actually out of the house printing insurance forms after spending a week researching which insurance company to use for her thriving photography business. About $15K worth of gear was taken, including Bri's camera, and film camera lenses that were passed down from Bri's Dad with tonnes of sentimental value.

So, if there is any way you can help out, she (and I) would be sincerely grateful. It also means you can snap up some of Bri’s incredible photography, or Chris’s amazing illustrations, at cheaper prices than you’d normally get them for. Help if you can. These people are the good type.

Either way, read on for an insight into this lovely lady's background, daily routines, big wins, and creative process. Meet Bri Hammond.

EKCo Blog RC BriHammond Hero 1576 2

ICELAND: Glacial Lagoons and Hidden Worlds

Inspired by my beautiful friend Leah + her recent visit to Iceland, I dug out my own travel journal from Iceland, circa June 2013. Amazing memories flooded back and I'm inspired to share this writing with you now. Let’s step back in time, to this fascinating country that stole my heart. Almost two years on, I’m still yearning to go back. //

EKCo Blog WAB Iceland Hero 1576

Ladies (+ Lads) of Instagram: What For Breakfast

This week’s Instagram feature is a kind of dreamy deal. You know when you contact someone amazing, and you don’t expect to actually hear back? And then - you do! And they’re so utterly, completely lovely. And totally honoured to be a part of your blog series. It was this situation with Berlin-based Marta. I’m completely in awe of her photography, and her breakfasts, and I know you will be too.

So let’s step inside Marta’s world. Prepare yourself - no breakfast you make will (ever) look the same.EKCo Blog Insta WFB Hero

April :: LIVE WELL (and free printables for you)

Did you hear? Last week, Jaclyn @ Blog Society and I announced an exciting collaborative venture for April - we've launched a global social media initiative in the name of wellbeing. We’ve called it: a Collective Celebration of Self-Care. And, it's time to reveal our quote for week two!

Our message this week is wildly simple, pretty potent and also, kinda vital :: LIVE WELL.

EKCo Blog DIY April LiveWell

rainbow chasers: Abs of Concrete Jungle Co.

Ladies, unite. We have a MAN in the house. This week, I bring you a rainbow chaser of the male variety (and just to be clear - he was totally embracing of the 'rainbow chaser' title, which says a whole lot about this guy already - don't you think?!)  

Titles aside, it's time you beet Abs - the maker of the concrete planters that are housing succulents on cafe tables + desks in rad creative spaces all over Adelaide, and beyond. Watch this space... this guy is going places.

EKCo Blog RC ConcreteJungleCo Hero 1576

Ladies (+ Lads) of Instagram: Steffi Daydreamer

This week, let's lose ourselves in an Instagram feed filled with dreamy houses, brunches and all things British. Meet Steffi Daydreamer @steffi_daydreamer - a romantic and dreamer, and really, really good 'gramer! She also runs the account @welovetobrunch - bringing together a community of brunch fanciers who meet in London, and/or Paris. I can't wait to brunch with you soon, Steffi! Read more of her story below x

EKCo Blog Insta SD Hero

April :: a collective celebration of self care (and free printables for you)

Over the next few weeks, I am T H R I L L E D to be teaming up with my wonderful friend Jac @ Blog Society, to bring you a special, collaborative project - involving us, and YOU. We’re launching a global social media initiative and a weekly series of printable self-care cards dedicated to helping bloggers and creative souls move focus away from the to-do lists, the stress, the self-doubt and instead turn our community focus inward - towards our own health, wellness and wellbeing.

We’re calling it: a Collective Celebration of Self-Care. EKCo Collab BlogSociety AprilSelfCare Shoot 2 Insta 2