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Rainbow Chasers :: Jessica Ruhfus of Collabosaurus

You know when you meet someone amazing, and you're totally inspired but simultaneously having a conversation in your head that goes something like, "can she stop being so amazing... she's totally showing the rest of us up!"  It's not just me, right?

Jessica Ruhfus of Collabosaurus is exactly this type of powerhouse - but so genuine and beautiful and inspiring for you to get out there and shine just as bright, that being in her presence could only ever be enabling. We only officially met last week in Sydney (there was cake, naturally), but as is the way of social media these days, we've been a bit mad for each other for a while longer. There was confetti, talk of collaborating (that one comes with no surprise) - and she also introduced me to Uber (life = changed).

While I'm here, I simply MUST tell you about her upcoming event: STOP, COLLABORATE & LISTEN - in Sydney next month! This event is for bloggers, business owners, marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their marketing strategies and get incredible advice. Guest speakers include Start Up Creative magazine, Seeker Lover Dreamer , Rewardle - and - of course, Collabosaurus ! Hop this way for details. If I were a bit closer, you would NOT be able to keep me away!

Now. Read on to be inspired by Jess's sparkly, intelligent and hilarious perspective on life, love and doing business - collaboratively. 

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Wild Hearts :: Sneak Peek + a love note to you

So, you know that quote, wherever you are, be all there?

I’m calling  on that mantra right now. Full tilt.

Just a few weeks out from my collection launch of WILD HEARTS, I’m honing in all of my energy on bringing this collection to life in the most beautiful, fully present way I possibly can, and so I need to take a brief hiatus from blogging in order to focus my best energy.

Because, you know. Bringing a big dream to life calls for full immersion + utter devotion.

Back with you on the flip side with a line up of (some pretty incredible) rainbow chasers, coffee guides, travels, adventures (of course) - and general blogging goodness soon.

Over + out (for now!) 
Emma Kate xo