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Rainbow Chasers :: Ezzie Spencer

If there was ever a friendship / serendipitous meeting that was ‘written in the stars’ for me, it was connecting with the divine Ezzie Spencer.

It is a story involving Bondi Beach, a mint green bicycle, Instagram and a music festival. It was summertime, and I was exploring Bondi in the scorching heat of February. Like stepping into a postcard, I came across the prettiest bike I’d ever seen - just sitting there, waiting for me to capture it. Ezzie somehow came across my photograph on Instagram, and followed me… only then to later walk past that very bike itself (still sitting pretty!) in Bondi. Weirder still, Ezzie had popped up on my radar as a suggested friend on Facebook - and out of character for me, I hit “request friendship!” (I never do that). And, as it happened, she was going to be in Adelaide for WomAdelaide music festival the next weekend. Uncanny! We both knew at that point that we were obviously destined to meet, and we scheduled coffee. We connected from the get-go, and now chai dates in Bondi are a non-negotiable part of every Sydney visit, to see this gorgeous soul!

When everything feels uncertain, I look inward, and more recently… I've been looking to the stars. Ezzie has re-awakened a curiosity in me over this year. She’s called me at times to understand where my world is at; to make some sense of big, big transition and my process of ‘becoming’. We’ve sat on the beach under the new moon, setting intentions, and I felt light fill me. Lunar Abundance is about having awareness of the phases of the moon, and how these affect our energies - our creativity - and our travelling through life. It’s more than awareness - it’s a daily practice of centering, grounding, and aligning with greater purpose, and presence.

As a proud ambassador for Ezzie’s Lunar Abundance Salon, I engourage you to hop on over to see this beautiful community she has created.

A side note - for anyone who signs up to the Lunar Abundance Salon via my affiliate link, I am offering a rose-gold foiled A4 art print for the piece I dedicate to her  :: "It's Written In The Stars" - valued at $55AUD (+ delivered anywhere in the world)...  for free.

Today on the blog, I am thrilled to share Ezzie’s story, by featuring her as a Rainbow Chaser. In this series, which is now re-awakening from a few months of time away from this blog space, I spotlight light workers. That is - creative mavericks who are chasing their dreams, making their heart’s work, and elevating the world in the process. Change makers, action takers, who live unabashedly authentic. Passion-led, heart-first.

Basically - this lady. All over, inside out… and oh so high up in those stars.

Dr Ezzie Spencer trained as a lawyer, and worked in human rights and law reform before doing her PhD in women's wellbeing after sexual violence. Ezzie now teaches her personal practice called Lunar Abundance - how to find peace and prosperity by following the moon's cycle.

Read on below, and get beamed up. BRIGHT.

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