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JOIN THE TEAM // I'm looking for my creative right-hand!

Hello, dear readers! I'm stopping by with some BIG news today.

It's about something important - and necessary. An investment in my brand, and a huge jump into  new, unknown territory for me too! This post is a callout to you - and your networks, if you may know of just the right person... Eighteen months since launching, I’ve managed to handle these early days of business solo (with some amazing support and big cheerleading from friends/family, a wonderful intern, and outsourced help here and there at more hectic times to get by).

Lately, I've grown beyond what I can handle alone. So I'm looking for someone to join me - as my creative right hand - office expert - studio fairy - personal assistant (you can pick the title!)


a travelling taste itinerary through the Goldfields and Spa country of Victoria

As the 2017 summer shifted into the first days of Autumn, I hit the road with my camera and my love, to explore some more of Victoria. Already eight months into Melbourne living, I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface of what there is to see, do and explore beyond Melbourne itself. So we set out to cover some more ground, with our itinerary’s core focus around tasting our way through the Goldfields and Spa country of Victoria. 

Like a progressive dinner, except across the entire day, we started with breakfast in Ballarat, then made it over to Daylesford for a long, relaxed lunch, and then ended up in Castlemaine in time for dinner. With only a short drive between each destination, there was plenty of time for detours and other adventures along the way. Here’s what we got up to - on our plates, and beyond!