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Each time I work with Emma, I feel closer to all that is possible. This lady is a dreamer. She embodies what it means to soar to the highest of heights, which is reflected through her warm and embracing approach. As your creative comrade, she celebrates your wins (with a huge, 'yes you can!') and comforts you through the doubt (opening up to her very human fears too).

Emma is a gifted soul with multiple talents. She is imaginative, innovative and above all, works from a place of deep integrity and respect for your vision. She sees the world through a kaleidoscope of colours, shades and curves. She listens to your desires and takes the time to explore what that looks like through graphics, illustration and whimsical lettering, which capture your brand and message with an essence that only Emma could create. Her style is like no other. Her humble confidence with a pen or brush (your choosing!) and a smile to melt, leaves you at ease as she works her unique magic.

Emma is the only person I would entrust with my brand. She understands what Paper Planes Connect represents and not only translates it through her design, but elevates and emboldens it with rich personality and drive. 

If you are not already working with Emma in some capacity, you seriously need to connect with this woman. She is the most generous and inspiring person I know, and I am grateful every single day that our worlds collided.

:: Leah Davies ::
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When I think about creating with Emma the following words spring to mind: playful, heart, passion and laughs in abundance! From start to finish; it’s been an incredibly joyful journey.

Emma is insanely talented, there’s no doubt about it. Creating with her feels like coming home. She literally welcomed me with arms wide open and held space for me to tell my story; the story behind my wish to create a brand. She made me feel comfortable, she listens, nothing is crazy or too much and there’s time for experimenting.  Her creations are her signature; she has her own unique style. I truly love that the design work she did for me is a combination of her talent and my vision. I feel this is down to the connection we have, a vital point when creating. Everything Emma does comes from the heart. That combined with her ability to translate vision and words into magical design, makes you want to work with no one else. Ever.

The most valuable thing out of all is that we have become very dear friends. That’s the person she is; always open to really get to know people, which I believe makes working with her just that bit more special. And even though we’re now on opposite ends of the world, I have made a friend for life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Everyone needs a dose of this girl in their life – life is sweeter with her in it.

:: Nikki De Vet ::
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 I approached Emma Kate to start working on elements of branding and to create my logo after seeing her portfolio of work. I knew she would be the right person to create the kind of design I wanted and her professionalism and talent was evident from the get go. She nailed the logo design pretty much straight away and before I had even had a chance to send an idea through she had already read my thoughts and implemented this in the branding. I’m thrilled with the end result and will definitely be using her services in the future.

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Some people are just born with creative and artistic flair, Emma Kate was definitely born with it. The moment Emma sent through her initial concepts, I knew I had found an absolute star to design the logo. From start to finish I was incredibly impressed with her communication, creativity and professionalism. It was refreshing to work with someone with heart, who clearly loves what she does and this was reflected in the amazing work she did for me. I haven’t finished with her yet either…I am looking forward to working with Emma again for more creative work. She truly is a star.

:: Natalie ::
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We were lucky enough to find Emma after months of searching for someone to help us with our wedding stationery. From the moment we first contacted her, she has been completely dedicated, enthusiastic, energetic, and genuinely interested in whom we are, what we represent and the feel we want to create for our wedding guests. Emma continually offered innovative suggestions for improvements and additions to our stationery package and every suggestion was brilliant. She is intelligent, bubbly, kind and so lovely.

Every email or text message was responded to almost immediately and acted up just as quickly. We were never left wondering if something had been done, or feeling like a follow up was necessary. We had peace of mind throughout the entire process; Emma is by far the most reliable and helpful supplier we have dealt with whilst organising our wedding!

Emma is a rare find in what is an increasingly commercial and money-hungry industry; creating stationery for your wedding is so personal and special; it sets the tone of your event, it tells a story about your relationship and it represents the ideal you dream of for your married life together. Matt and I could not be happier with the final product; not to mention the love, effort and time that have been selflessly poured into it by Emma.

We are so thrilled with the design process and the final product that we sent out her business details with every invitation and will make sure each table at our wedding has her business cards on it. Honestly, we cannot thank her enough, she has been so thoughtful and just delightful, made every stage interesting and exciting, and we will recommend her to everyone we know without hesitation.

:: Laura + Matt ::
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I recently asked Emma do to a custom hand lettering work for me. She was very easy & calm to talk to, and her creativity & passion shines through her work. What I appreciate most about working with Emma is her passion towards her craft – she makes sure that quality service is provided through attention to details, fair price and on time delivery of the lettering. If you are looking for someone who CAN do a creative custom hand lettering for you – I would definitely recommend Emma!

PS: Her handwriting is incredibly beautiful & I am not even exaggerating!

:: Lourdes Ann Villavicencio ::
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We want to express our thanks and awe for the inspiration and passion Emma gave our wedding stationary. Emma brings beauty and sparkle into the world with her vision and creativity. A heartfelt thanks for the attention to detail, and the above and beyond attitude. Emma made our wedding planning that much more exciting for us and it meant the world to have her as our design pocket rocket! I wish she wasnt 10,000 miles away cos I would smother her in hugs! So lucky to have this talent referred to us, we will keep spreading the love.

:: JESS + RIKKY ::
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I heard Emma described once by one of her clients as a design angel and I would say that is very accurate. She is so talented and has the rare gift of creativity and professionalism. Emma was introduced to me by a word of mouth referral. From the first time we met I started to see my vision and dreams from an online side to my business unfold. It was everything I had imagined and more. She was easily able to work on my level of limited technological knowledge and assist as well as make really constructive suggestions.

When I decided to take my business 100% online Emma could not have been more supportive, helpful or enthusiastic. Emma, without being asked, is always proactively looking for new ideas and improvements. On occasion she has even done professional courses to help me out with services I wanted that she didn’t yet provide. As problems inevitably crop up from time to time, she has gone above and beyond to fix them as soon as she could. Flexibility is a strong point.

They say you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure which is certainly true, but there are exceptions, and one of the things I like most about Emma’s approach is that she takes a personal interest with each client. I think this helps her better understand our needs, desires and expectations and better meet and accommodate their needs. Her time management skills are second to none, in an industry that is notorious for being the opposite and ‘hiding’ behind an email address. She delivers what she promises on time, every time.

:: SARAH ::
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Over the past six years I have come to know Emma, first as her mentor, and then as her employer. In the time I have known Emma, I have watched her grow into a vibrant, creative young woman with an incredible strong desire to learn and grow and willingness to throw herself into everything she does with absolute passion and commitment. Emma is not one to take the easy path. Not only is she completely engrossed in the process, she seeks a much deeper connection and understanding of what is behind a creation. This is central to all of her creative pursuits.

Emma will often be at the helm, or at the very least, up close and at the front of the action whenever there is a task to be done. Here, Emma excels at engaging others, whether they be mentors, colleagues or peeers and finds a way to include their goals as she strives to fulfil her own objectives.

On the practical side of things, Emma is extremely well organised and I have often been in awe of the many tasks she is able to accomplish at once. Emma’s ability to communicate on all levels enables her to connect with older adults as well as her own peers. These qualities inherent in Emma clearly show her capacity to achieve high creative endeavour.

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Being a lover of stationery, I knew that I wanted to create an invitation that would tell the story of our love, and getting the right design was so important to allow us to express this. Not really knowing where to start, a friend of mine who had just got married, referred Emma to us as being someone who would be able to create our graphical story.

From the very first connection with Emma, I knew my friend was right. Emma created for us a piece of art that was everything we were after. She worked committedly and professionally and gave regular updates, make constant contact (even when she was in another country!) and did all that she could to ensure the invitations were just perfect for us. The finished product really depicts everything that we wanted and is a credit to Emma’s design ability, creative flair and passion for what she does. Thank you!

:: Esther + Brendan ::
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Our sincerest thanks for the extraordinary contribution you made to our wedding. Not only is your design flair and creative talent of the highest order, you also bring a love and passion to your work – which was infectious! We could not have been more impressed by the pieces you produced.

Your attention to detail, industrious work ethic and adherence to deadlines made you an absolute delight to work with. We felt that your work captured our personalities perfectly and it was a pleasure to share this happy time with you.

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Emma could not have been any sweeter, nicer or accommodating when making our beautiful wedding invitations! The whole process was made so easy because she know’s exactly what people want and need in a wedding invitation. With the amount of creative juices that are bursting out of her I knew that the end product would be original, gorgeous, lovely and of course – creative!

Emma was so quick and prompt with all of our correspondence and with the production of our stunning wedding invites, thank you cards and guest signing cards. We had so many comments and questions on who made our stationery and some of our friends were quick to ask for Emma’s details as well! With talent beyond her years, I highly recommend Emma.

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I approached Emma to participate as a community artist in a health promotion through the arts project, as I had seen her work that contained a high level of artistic and conceptual development. I am enormously grateful for Emma’s skills in workshop facilitation and planning, which involved her teaching a broad range of community members a creative process that encouraged participation and artistic experimentation in a productive and non-threatening atmosphere. The strength of these workshops stemmed from Emma’s creativity and innovative approach to her own art that she was able to share.

During the five months of this project Emma participated as an arts tutor and designer right through to the hanging and launching of our exhibition. Emma’s experience and knowledge as an artist was imperative to the good outcome of this project as we relied on her for negotiations with the photo lab, the designing and production of the exhibition catalogue, the invitations as well as exhibition plaques containing health messages and arts information required.

I would describe as Emma is a hugely supportive worker. Her creativity and honesty makes her a dream to work with as does her commitment to professionalism. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to work on projects that require an innovative, smart and hardworking individual who is highly capable of managing many things and remaining committed to achieve wonderful outcomes. We are indebted to her for its success and popularity.

:: Maggie McCabe ::
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Thank you so much for creating the invitations and place cards for our wedding. We were so happy with the invites, they were exactly what we were looking for. You were so lovely to deal with, friendly, professional, helpful and you made the whole process to easy. We will definitely be recommending you to our family and friends!

:: Nerida + Lionel ::
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We have had Emma do some various bits of work for us over the past five years. She is an absolute delight to liaise with, very professional, reliable and creative with everything that she does. We found that she listened well to our requirements, helped with many suggestion and found solutions to problems also. Her photos, graphic design and website design were exactly what we are looking for. Very happy with Emma’s work and will continue to use her over and over in the future. Thank you so much Emma!

:: Margaret Zimmermann ::
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Working with Emma was such an easy and delightful process. She intuitively knew what I both wanted and needed for my site and branding and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Emma comes to you with my highest recommendation.

Emma’s great strength as a person lies in her refusal to live anything else other than the life of her dreams; one that is filled with creativity, exploration and beauty. Her strength as an artist rests solely with her talent; including exquisite photography, intricate drawings, polished writing and exceptional graphic design. She is articulate, beyond committed to her craft and professional development.

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Emma was recommended to us from a friend and she was absolutely fantastic to work with. She helped us with ideas for a design and logo and developed a style guide that was professional and creative. We have received lots of positive feedback from both our website and brochures and I have no hesitation in recommending Emma’s work and will definitely use her again in the future.

:: Kerry ::
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It really has been an absolute delight working alongside Emma who has brought to life my dreams of an online business. Her passion, dedication and friendship really make her business one of a kind. Although we live in different states, distance has never been an issue because Emma is always an e-mail away and her proficiency and follow up is second to none. I am ever so grateful Emma. Thank-you!

:: Adele ::
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I was in search of a designer to help create our wedding stationery; someone who would be able to capture my dreams and ideas and then be able to put them down on paper. Emma came up with the most gorgeous stationery for our wedding. I was so pleased with the results that I knew I just had to use her design skills to help create a business logo! I have been overwhelmed with Emma’s talent and ability to create something that shows everyone what my business is about. Thank you for your excellent service and for the friendly, professional manner towards each project!

:: Kirstin ::