After a BIG year of launches, projects, and most recently – seemingly non-stop adventures of the travelling kind – it’s so wonderful today to be sat back at my little studio desk in Adelaide, with a strong black coffee in hand, wearing my pyjamas (it’s 2pm) and burrow away on a little creative project just because. Ah, sweet release. I’ve missed days and space to create in freedom like this.

So hey you, I want you to know I’m so utterly grateful for your support this year. I know the word ‘grateful’ gets tossed around so often, but seriously. It has meant everything to me, to have had you here. Following, commenting, attending an event, purchasing something from my collection, a love note left on Instagram – or just a silent reader (hello!) It’s meant everything.
Life feels an eternity away from this time last year, when I arrived back from London in a very different headspace (if you’re new around here, read this article to get the gist). It’s taken a year, but I feel strong. I got lost, I got found. I chased and launched my dream. And now I’m here, working harder than I ever thought possible, and loving every moment.

This year I want to offer a digital 2016 PDF calendar download, as my gift to you. So please download {via the link below} print it out, forward it on, tag your friends, and share it around, far and wide. I’d love to see where you pin it up at your work space, or in your kitchen, or beside your bed, so please tag me in a photo, or drop me an email!


If you’re like me, and paper obsessed, I decided to also make a limited edition print run of an A3 fillable calendar, where you can write in your plans, travels, coffee dates and adventures into a tangible keepsake. It’s A3 size, for impact. One page per calendar month. Glue bound, so you can pull away pages each month, or just pin the current month up in your workspace. It was printed locally in Adelaide, on luxe, carbon neutral stock – and entirely in black and white, to fit in with any colour scheme!


I hope you love these.

Here’s to the adventures ahead xx

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