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Meet The
Write Your Own Adventure
Planners: 2018

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So... What's Inside?

The Write Your Own Adventure Planner is a container to colour outside the lines - to allow space for the unplanned. It’s a haven where wildest, most vivid ideas can take root + grow.

Inside you’ll find:

+ yearly, monthly and weekly spreads

+ a vertical, minimal layout with no time slots

+ equal space for weekdays and weekends

+ dot grid pages

+  brush lettered typography on every page

+ 3 ribbon dividers, and an expandable back pocket

+ all presented in a hardcover keepsake box.

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So, are you in?

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This is the people’s planner. Its look, feel and materials are unparalleled but it’s the quotes and design that make this more than a planner - it’s a life style. 

The design process has been flawless and the relevant feedback from around the world has been incorporated into this new year. You can see the change you personally suggested. Emma Kate is the leading lady, and she actually listens. This planner is made for creatives, by creatives. It's a dream.

:: RACHEL ::
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I spend a great deal of time each year making a decision about my paper diary for the following year, and yours is the first in a long time that makes a significant diversion from the standard offering.

I love your attention to detail and I really can’t wait to add ink to paper.

Thank you for an awesome diary solution.

:: TESSA ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 1 arrow

Beyond any of my expectations.

Thank you so much for creating this gorgeous piece of art that I get to carry around with me all year.

The attention to detail with every little piece of this project; from your communication, the packaging and of course, the actual planner is a true lesson on how to do this sort of thing properly.


:: ROS ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 2 arrow

I love to hold it in my hands; it feels like a treasure that contains all my thoughts and dreams. The quality of the planner and the luxurious packaging it comes in are both so full of love. The 2017 planner was an absolute delight to use and so practical as I took it everywhere with me, everyday. The new 2018 version excites me as it is a beautiful accessory that I love to pull out and write in, as well as a pretty tool to help me journal and reflect too. 

Planning and organising is a pleasure with Emma’s gorgeous typography and inspiring quotes. There’s magic and love woven into every word on every page.

:: SAMMY ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 1 arrow

As a Personal Assistant, a mum of 3 under 6, P&C class rep, playgroup secretary, Church crèche carer and wife, to say things are hectic is an understatement!

My 2017 planner was the most beautiful way to keep on top of everything, its travelled everywhere with me and suited me both personally and professionally.

I am so looking forward to starting to plan and consider mine and my family's new year, with the help of this stunning diary.


:: DEANNE ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 2 arrow

I was so excited to get my hands on the Emma Kate Co. 2017 planner, making it a year I was going to keep on top of organising my life! I can honestly say, this is the first year I have made a marked effort to continue in using my planner and it has made such a difference to my organisational skills!

On top of being able to fill the pages with all my plans, the blank pages were a place for me to attach little memories and cards from the year.

Emma Kate listened to all the feedback from 2017 and has developed the next installation to reflect all of the 2017 users' experiences. I am excited to grow my beautiful collection in 2018!

:: LEILA ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 1 arrow

We love using the 2017 planner. It helps us stay motivated, and inspires us to kick goals and smash our to-do list. We love the combination of weekday and weekend columns with plenty of room to track everything that’s most important for us, from tasks and appointments to upcoming bills and weekend adventures.

We look back on the messy, scribbled days in our planner with pride, as a record of our journey through life, business and personal growth over the past year.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the 2018 edition!

:: SARAH + LAURA  ::
EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 2 arrow

The 2017 Write Your Own Adventure planner inspired me to be more organised and driven to achieve my goals. Often once you use a product, you often realise there are improvements that can be made, and most of the time, these suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Not only does the planner for 2018 embrace those changes, it has evolved them into something far beyond what I personally could have imagined. The layout now works one hundred times better, and it is streamlined with more space for creativity and important notes.

If you are looking for a planner that will help you take your goals and turn them into reality then do yourself a favour, and invest in one!

EKCo 2018Planner Testimonial 1 arrow

So much of our lives these days are spent staring at screens. So it's lovely to have something that is tangible, present, personal and private.

That's why I adore my Emma Kate Co planner. I can scrawl in random thoughts, keep track of where I'm going (and reflect on where I have been), plan holidays, gatherings and celebrations and find inspiration even on days when life feels like a bit of a chore.

Thank you Emma Kate, for giving me a little private place, away from the screens.

:: KATIE ::