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Welcome, traveller! Check back here a little closer to 2024 for some special bonuses from us! x

Our flagship + boutique is a proud retailer of an intentionally curated and bespoke range of local brands that we have personally tried, tested and adore. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be interviewing a few of these brands, delving deeper into their stories and craft. Hand poured just down the road in South Yarra,... Read more »
Well, hasn’t January just flown by…  We’re already almost one month into the year, and it is usually around this time that a lot of us find that your new-year-new-me-fueled motivations are starting to wane. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some guidance on ways you can keep the good habit of using... Read more »

My bible! I am constantly getting compliments and questions where I got my diary from. It’s the right balance of fun, professional and calming. I find other stationery companies either go too extreme with the fun or too boring with the professional, Emma Kate Co. has that perfect balance of both!

I LOVE, LOVE this diary. Where do I start? This diary has space for everything I need and want, without being bulky. A wonderful diary of bespoke styling and function. The only diary I will be buying each year.

I’ve been buying the planners since the first release, and the planners only get better each year. You can tell that Emma and her team take everyone’s reviews and advice into consideration when developing a new planner each year.

The planner I buy every year without fail. I have purchased this planner since the first year it was launched, and will continue to do so until they stop.

Might as well call them Marry Poppins because these planners are practically perfect in every way. The layout, the colour mood the stickers just wonderful! My friend and I buy each other these for Christmas every year and I couldn’t live without it.

Love this diary. Will buy every year forever! It really is an incredibly accomodating layout.

When it comes to planners, there is simply no other that compares to an Emma Kate Co planner. Amazing quality, lush paper and a colour that makes my heart smile in a second. I use both a weekly planner and a daily planner and eagerly await each capsule launch. They have become keepsakes for life.

I haven’t strayed from Emma’s planners since the first release – every year they become a little more perfect, with Emma designing little additions I didn’t know I needed, but couldn’t live without.


I’ve had Emma Kate Co’s planners for three years. I believe the reason I’ve stuck to it is because their planners have an open canvas for you to use it however you please. I look forward to the colour themes each year and love seeing what new features they add to the collection to make… Read more »

This is the ONLY planner I have stuck with for longer than 1 year in a row. I’ll be buying my 4th planner for 2022 and I CANNOT WAIT. Everything about these planners are beautiful and are perfect for what I need.

Need some help with your setup? You’re in the right place. Some important notes to begin: To install these in your planner, each set of tabs comes with tab measure, to guide you and assist with accurate placement. Please have this ready, along with your tab sticker sheet, and your planner! To set up your… Read more »

Here at Emma Kate Co, we love doing a little something extra to make your experience feel incredibly special, and this planner season we have something very special dreamed up! The prize. Win a weekend retreat in Melbourne! One lucky winner will get to experience a relaxing and restorative weekend in Melbourne in the new… Read more »

New babies are a cause for beautiful celebrations, and Gem and I decided that our collaboration also deserved to be welcomed to the world in a very special way. Somewhat impromptu, we found ourselves with forty mumpreneurs together at The Fernery, for a breakfast with a difference. At our baby shower, we got to shower our guests with gifts.

I can’t tell you how long it took me to choose a colour – I had to go the green as it truly captured a big slice of my heart, and that is a lot coming from a girl who lives very comfortably between the neutral lines of black, grey and navy! Emma Kate Co…. Read more »

This is the people’s planner. Its look, feel and materials are unparalleled but it’s the quotes and design that make this more than a planner – it’s a lifestyle. The design process has been flawless and the relevant feedback from around the world has been incorporated into this new year. You can see the change… Read more »

My daily planner is BEAUTIFUL and I can wait to start using it! I’ve already purchased another couple online, for two of my friends. Congratulations to you, girlfriend – all that hard work paid off! Clever Woman.

This planner inspires me to not only live, breath and experience outside the lines, but create magic and beauty within them. Thank you for creating something that I can whisk away with me in all the places I have to be, and want to go – for creating space for reflection and deep, soulful thought… Read more »

I used to give up on using a planner after 3 months, but I’ve been using the Emma Kate Co. planner every day! Looking at the design gives me joy. The small touches Emma adds remind me to stay creative and to not stay bogged down in the routine of life. It’s not just about… Read more »


My Emma Kate Co. planner is my life! I once left it in a wine bar (because I take it everywhere) and was so lost for the next 24 hours until the bar re-opened, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I whole-heartedly believe that there is nothing more grounding than putting pen to… Read more »

Tiny in size, but packing a mighty punch, Singapore is far more than a stop-over for long haul flights, it’s a melting pot of culture and a veritable destination in its own right. Tropical, culturally diverse and abundant with places to explore, in July we hopped on a plane to properly thaw out from an unforgiving Melbourne winter. Bound for sunshine, laptops (temporarily) closed, and cameras at the ready, here’s how we spent 48 hours in the Garden City.

We are bringing back our 12 days of #EKCdoesChristmas giveaway for a second year – with TWELVE days of fun! While we can’t really believe it’s [already] December – we certainly ARE fully feeling the enormity of the year that has been. We are so very humbled and grateful for 2018 – for the far-flung… Read more »

With the support of my family at Olympus, over the next few weeks, I’m going to be putting together a 3-part blog series, taking you behind the scenes of some core small business moments from this year, all captured on my OM-D E-M10 Mark III.

This small but powerful camera seamlessly weaves into every day at Emma Kate Co. First up? Let’s start with a real day at work (Monday 14 October, to be precise) in the studio at Emma Kate Co. – photo diary style.

Last month, we celebrated with an intimate gathering at Co.Co with our nearest & dearest – with bespoke cocktails courtesy of our friends at Capi, and wine provided by 6ft6 Wine. Needless to say, we have so much creativity and collaborations we’re dreaming up, beyond warehousing our stock and having our studio desks in residence at… Read more »

We always say the “Co.” in Emma Kate Co. holds many meanings beyond an abbreviation for “Company” – to us, Co. also stands for Co.llaboration. Co.mmunity. Co.urage. Co.nnection. And when we met Co.Co – it was like a beautiful twist of destiny.

Often once you use a product, you often realise there are improvements that can be made, and most of the time these suggestions fall on deaf ears. Not only does Emma Kate Co. embrace those changes, each year they evolve them into something far beyond what I personally could have imagined. If you are looking… Read more »

So much of our lives these days are spent staring at screens. So it’s lovely to have something that is tangible, present, personal and private. That’s why I adore my Emma Kate Co. planner. I can scrawl in random thoughts, keep track of where I’m going (and reflect on where I have been), plan holidays,… Read more »

We love using the planner. It helps us stay motivated, and inspires us to kick goals and smash our to-do list. We love the combination of weekday and weekend columns with plenty of room to track everything that’s most important for us, from tasks and appointments to upcoming bills and weekend adventures. We look back… Read more »

I was so excited to get my hands on this planner, making it a year to get on top of organising my life! I can honestly say, this is the first year I have made a marked effort to continue in using my planner and it has made such a difference to my organisational skills! On top… Read more »

As a personal assistant, a mum of 3 under 6, P&C class rep, playgroup secretary, church crèche carer and wife, to say things are hectic is an understatement! My Emma Kate Co. planner is the most beautiful way to keep on top of everything – it has travelled everywhere with me and suited me both… Read more »

The planner is an absolute delight to use, and so practical – I take it everywhere with me, everyday.


This planner is beyond any of my expectations. Thank you so much for creating this gorgeous piece of art that I get to carry around with me all year. The attention to detail with every little piece of this project – from your communication, to the packaging and of course, the actual planner is a… Read more »

I spend a great deal of time each year making a decision about my paper diary for the following year, and yours is the first in a long time that makes a significant diversion from the standard offering. I love your attention to detail and I really can’t wait to add ink to paper. Thank… Read more »

Hong Kong is a sensory overload – chaotic and energising, it’s a buzzing metropolis where East meets West. If you’ve been to Hong Kong before, you’ll know the immediate intensity of this city – the sticky summers and foggy, fresh winters; the bright colours, sounds and people colliding from every which-way, in a beautiful kind of symphony.

During my weekend in Queenstown with Olympus, we were lucky to be privy to a couple of photography workshops run by two photography experts that I admire and respect: perpetual traveller (and one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet) Lisa Burns of The Wandering Lens – and natural light portrait & family photographer Rachel Devine of Sesame… Read more »

Straight off a plane from four weeks wandering Italy & Greece, I arrived home to find a very special delivery at my doorstep: a carry-on suitcase, a brand new camera (details below!), an itinerary, and a plane ticket. I swiftly unpacked, washed some clothes, repacked, swapped over cameras, and headed back to the airport just 24 hours later – to board another plane. This time bound for Queenstown, New Zealand!

2017, in one word you were BIG. Full of love, creativity, joy, wins, lessons, far-flung adventures and SO very much hard work. It was definitely a year of non-stop leap taking, and stepping way outside every comfort zone I knew – from hiring my first employee and welcoming Zalie to the team, to speaking on… Read more »

The jingle bells have been faintly ringing in our studio for a little while now, but today it’s the 1st December, and therefore officially acceptable to BLAST the carols and spread festive cheer (right?!) We have so much to be grateful for right now – it’s been an amazing year for us. We’ve grown, connected,… Read more »

Over a year ago we – Emma and Sonia – got together as we usually do when we’re both in the same city, at the same time. But there was something different about this time. Something more was bubbling away under the surface.

Crush? More like full-blown love affair. You’re a little bit Carrie Bradshaw, with a big kick of authenticity.

I don’t want to recommend you to anyone, just to keep you all to myself.

What can I say? You’re a girl after my own heart! I wish I could live in your world, everything is so beautiful.

You are my design angel!

You need to be seen by the world.

You mad, crazy, wonderful girl. Beautiful, amazing, wistful work.

You are all things, designer, writer, artist.

Your great strength lies in your refusal to live anything else other than the life of your dreams; one that is filled with creativity, exploration and beauty.

Each time I work with Emma, I feel closer to all that is possible. This lady is a dreamer. She embodies what it means to soar to the highest of heights, which is reflected through her warm and embracing approach. As your creative comrade, she celebrates your wins (with a huge, ‘yes you can!’) and… Read more »

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Packing + Dispatch Turnaround We are a small team and we do our very best to fulfil all orders as quickly as possible. Our standard turnaround time is 1 – 2 business days, and 2 – 4 business days during our peak dispatch periods (we really appreciate your understanding with slight delays, during busier times!)… Read more »


Where can I buy your products? Hop on over this way, to the online store. Or, check out our current brick-and-mortar stockists dotted around the world over here.   On Wholesale // Current retailers You are our very top priority, and we’ll be back with you very shortly. // I’d like to stock your products in my… Read more »

When I think about creating with Emma the following words spring to mind: playful, heart, passion and laughs in abundance! From start to finish; it’s been an incredibly joyful journey. Emma is insanely talented, there’s no doubt about it. Creating with her feels like coming home. She literally welcomed me with arms wide open and held… Read more »

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