Over the next few weeks, I am T H R I L L E D to be teaming up with my wonderful friend Jac @ Blog Society, to bring you a special, collaborative project – involving us, and YOU. We’re launching a global social media initiative and a weekly series of printable self-care cards dedicated to helping bloggers and creative souls move focus away from the to-do lists, the stress, the self-doubt and instead turn our community focus inward – towards our own health, wellness and wellbeing.

We’re calling it: a Collective Celebration of Self-Care.

I’m not sure if it’s just my observation, but there seems to be great murmurs around social media of late about slowing down – way down. Taking stock. Digital detoxing. Anything detoxing. Beach walks. Sunset gazing. Time out. Off. Away. Talk of doing stuff that feels good for the soul. To honour our hearts, our callings, our purpose. And goodness, this is so refreshing to hear.

The topic of self care is wonderful, but honestly makes me a bit uncomfortable, because I can be terrible at balance. My natural approach to work is more of an ungraceful, dogged, completely immersive, I’m not moving until this is perfect and to hell with everything else type scenario, and by that I mean, sometimes not leaving my studio space for two days, forgetting about the outside world in a ‘what day even is it’ utter immersion. The not good type.

As is the way of the universe, sometimes important messages + lessons land right in your lap – and I think this self care one in my discussions with Jac was pretty divinely timed, as I burrow down to birth my stationery collection, which means hundreds upon hundreds of hours of creative work + utter devotion over the coming months. I want to put this message of self care our there, but I also really need to walk my talk. Authenticity, always. I also want to create from a place of self-respect, and wholeness, not depletion. So let’s give it a go. It’ll be my personal experiment, and I encourage you to join me as well.

Jac and I are going to offer you a free printable poster each week, with a little affirmation on the theme of self-care, which you can download and use however you wish. Print it out and stick it beside your computer. Or do what I have, and stick it to my car dashboard, so I always see it (covering the revs dial, not the speed one!) À la – constant reminder. Print out twenty and give them to work colleagues in need of a brighter day. Instagram the words and inspire your tribe. Our first affirmation for you is today I choose joy.

{Download your printable poster :: TODAY I CHOOSE JOY}

We’ve also created some fun little social media buttons below you can share to help pledge (along side Jac and myself) to celebrate self-care. Simply right click on the image below, or ‘collective celebration of self care’ image above, to download and save to use via Instagram or Facebook with the#bloglovefest hashtag.

As I type this, I’m thousands of feet up in the air, which, seriously, is one of my favourite places to be in (or – above) the whole world. I am en route back to Adelaide after a divine Easter soul-sister getaway to Brisbane and Noosa with one of my besties Carly. Mind – clear. Camera – laden. Soul – beamed up. Heart – inspired. Every single moment in these past precious days have been luminous. THIS is joy. As for the rest of the month, when I’m not with sundrenched salty skin and gelati in hand on Hastings Street, I’ll be committing to simple, humble things that declare the intention today I choose joy – and others, that we’ll share over the coming weeks. April, you’re looking wonderful.

Tell me: How are you bringing joy into your April? Into your today?

I’d love to hear x

PS: thanks to my girl Carly for being the best hand model / poster girl possible + for shooting these pics with LOTS of curious Noosa onlookers xx

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