Well. What a powerful April it has been, so far. Jaclyn and I can hardly believe the sharing of stories and thoughts on self care that have been offered so far with our #BlogLoveFest movement. It goes without saying, we are awestruck and deeply humbled.

So – thank you. Thank you for showing up and being real.

Today, we release our third printable – and this week’s message is a good one. SLOW  IT DOWN. (Amen, right?!)

{Download your printable poster :: SLOW IT DOWN}

The message slow it down is a really rather self-explanatory one. We all know what this means. We all know that it is important. And, yes, sometimes (read: lots of the time) we all get caught up in life and power on, regardless.

So, here’s some ways that I’ll be slowing down this week.
Easy and realistic things that you can do, too.

+ Light a candle every morning when I rise.Or, when I shower. Ritual, check. Breathe in, contemplate the day. Come back to myself.

+ Take myself out on a coffee date.Likely, take my laptop along with me. But, it’ll be a change of scenery and – there’ll be a hot drink to clasp.

+ Practice gratitude. Stopping to thank and compliment the barista, when I leave.

+ Making time for play.Meetings that extend into dinner and laughs.

+ Driving the long way home.Past the vineyards. The scenic route.

+ Single-task, on purpose.Focus on one thing, wholly and completely.

+ Disconnect.Putting my phone in the next room for a few hours. Turning off Instagram notifications has done wonders for me. When I log on now, it’s conscious, not reactive.

So, back to the project! We’ve created some  social media buttons (above) and we’d LOVE for you to use them to pledge + celebrate slowing down, this week. Simply right click on one of the images below, to download and save, to use via Instagram or Facebook. We are SO grateful for you joining us.

Tell me: How are you going to slow down this week?

Let’s start a conversation. x

PS: thanks to my girl Carly for being the best hand model / poster girl possible + for shooting these pics with LOTS of curious onlookers xx

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