Over the past few weeks I have been sharing behind the scenes of some core small business moments, with the support of Olympus. [You can catch up on Part 1, following a day in our studio here – and Part 2, where I took you over to China, to see the manufacturing of our 2019 planners].

Today, I take you back to our warehouse in Melbourne, into the very thick of our 2019 planner fulfillment!

It’s the third year we have done this in-house, and every year proves to be our most crazy, immersive, exhausting and satisfying week our little brand has enjoyed (and endured) yet!

This year, I captured daily some small moments on both video and camera, and whole spans of time using the timelapse feature of my OM-D E-M10 Mark III along the fulfillment journey. Watch it below!

The planner shipment arrival day feels a little like Christmas morning, yet weeks (upon weeks) of preparation come before it.

Cindy and I had meticulously pre-printed out all packing slips and shipping labels for every wholesale order and online pre-online, to be ready in advance for dispatch, as much as possible.

Yet, hand unloading the 300+ boxes from a truck (note for next year: hire a forklift!) brought a whole host of feelings – the sheer enormity of the task facing us, for dispatch.

Of course, opening the very first box of planners – and seeing months of hard work in your hand, in tangible, tactile form, made it all feel very real.

If you’ve ordered one of our planners, you’ll know a lot of love goes into the packaging. We include custom note cards, stickers, and every planner wrapped in tissue paper.

During fulfillment days, we always lose track of the days, the time, and the number of planners, building piles upon piles of planners by the door. Needless to say, after filling the post trucks, wine is opened every single evening, without exception. Celebrating milestones are important!

I captured little moments during a very (very) intense series of days on my camera, to show you a little of our process!

This blog post is brought to you by Olympus. All words and opinions are authentically my own.

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