Oh, Bali. The island that has called me for so long.

Over a February summer night in the balmy hustle of inner city Sydney, with wine and laughter and storytelling, I told my friend Jaclyn that Bali was up next on my itinerary. It was instantaneous; her eyes softened and sparkled. It was some mix of nostalgia, and love, and connection – a gentle veil of knowing. She warned me that this island would be like nothing and everything I had experienced before. Intoxicating, charming, completely chaotic and calm; a beautiful juxtaposition, and utterly immersive. “Give it two days, and then the rest of the world will abruptly fall away,” she said.

And I so, completely get that now. Because… it just did.


The words ‘sweet sixteen’ have been dotted about the place in reference to this new year and it has such a beautiful sentiment, I think. New years always feel expansive with possibility, but there’s something different and palpable in the air about this one for me. I feel enabled… like anything, or everything is lingering and in reach.

Last year, I cracked open and unfurled, cautiously, then vividly. I retreated into my bow then launched my arrow straight and direct, full tilt with precision towards my dream. When I think about the words that call me for sweet sixteen, soar comes to mind – in business, in becoming. Play comes to mind – in exploring further, wild and untethered. And lumière (light in French) comes to mind – light in spirit, in approach to life, in love. I think my one word is R A D I E N C E. I want 2016 to be about seeking ease, to go about things in flow. To trust what is written, to live out every little moment from a place of light-filled joy.

The first moments of 2016 began in the orange afterglow of a bonfire in the Byron Bay hinterland. They say that the way you spend your New Year’s Eve says a lot about what’s in store with your year ahead. I spent the night with brand new friends I met on that day, beside my best one, laughing and alight and free. We drank gin under the stars, slept on blow up mattresses and woke to fresh country air and an apricot dawn.

After some days I returned back to Adelaide to immerse in my creative cave and birth some new designs, to extend my Wild Hearts collection, but I was restless. Sometimes you just need to take time to live, to inspire your work. And so, I did. I jumped on a plane over to Victoria, to explore somewhere that’s long been on my bucket list.

We wander to get lost and found. And as it turns out, sometimes things just have a way of finding you.


It was October and I was a world away in Morocco when the message first arrived from beautiful Tess. “Quick question darling, when are you home, and would you be interested in a 6 day trip to Samoa at the end of November?” It was one of those moments when your breath catches in your throat and life freeze-frames still for a few moments as the world spontaneously opens right up. Suddenly, you need to fit some kind of unfathomable magic into a new reality that felt much smaller just moments ago.

Fast forward one month, and there I found myself flying headlong into a grizzly night sky from Sydney direct to Apia, Samoa. The air felt heavy; our plane rocking and tumbling in darkness through an early summer storm. I sat in the last row of the plane staring out into utter blackness, dog-eared passport in lap and three seats to myself, bound for an untapped paradise. A cluster of ten islands make up Samoa – and our itinerary included both the main island Upolu (home to the capital of Apia, and Faleolo International Airport) and Savai’i, the largest island but much more rugged and mountainous.


After a BIG year of launches, projects, and most recently – seemingly non-stop adventures of the travelling kind – it’s so wonderful today to be sat back at my little studio desk in Adelaide, with a strong black coffee in hand, wearing my pyjamas (it’s 2pm) and burrow away on a little creative project just because. Ah, sweet release. I’ve missed days and space to create in freedom like this.

So hey you, I want you to know I’m so utterly grateful for your support this year. I know the word ‘grateful’ gets tossed around so often, but seriously. It has meant everything to me, to have had you here. Following, commenting, attending an event, purchasing something from my collection, a love note left on Instagram – or just a silent reader (hello!) It’s meant everything.
Life feels an eternity away from this time last year, when I arrived back from London in a very different headspace (if you’re new around here, read this article to get the gist). It’s taken a year, but I feel strong. I got lost, I got found. I chased and launched my dream. And now I’m here, working harder than I ever thought possible, and loving every moment.


So, you know that quote, wherever you are, be all there?

I’m calling  on that mantra right now. Full tilt.

Just a few weeks out from my collection launch of WILD HEARTS, I’m honing in all of my energy on bringing this collection to life in the most beautiful, fully present way I possibly can, and so I need to take a brief hiatus from blogging in order to focus my best energy.

Because, you know. Bringing a big dream to life calls for full immersion + utter devotion.

Back with you on the flip side with a line up of (some pretty incredible) rainbow chasers, coffee guides, travels, adventures (of course) – and general blogging goodness soon.

Over + out (for now!)
Emma Kate xo

Claude Monet famously said “I must have flowers, always and always,” – and he was obviously onto something. Flowers say what words cannot. They tell joy, love, sympathy, stories. Flowers make days.

Looking for some beautiful flowers to gift? (even if it’s for YOU – I won’t tell.) In no particular order, here’s your go-to list of 10 great florists and floral artists in Adelaide, ranging from established florists of distinction, to hill-dwelling garden growers, and flower fanciers who sell their creations at local markets.

They are all beautiful options to call upon for different reasons and occasions – and they are all in the business of flowers for the sheer love of their craft.


Can somebody please explain to me – how is it the end of April already?! This means it is time to release our fourth and final #bloglovefest offering for our April Collective Celebration of Self Care. But don’t worry, Jaclyn and I have more themed #BlogLoveFest activities in store for you yet, over the rest of 2015. We’re having too much fun bringing you these goodies to keep it to just one month!

Today, our printable is :: Keep Going, You’ve Got This. Encouraging you to send you onwards + forwards, in a gentle, loving + inspired way.


Inspired by my beautiful friend Leah + her recent visit to Iceland, I dug out my own travel journal from Iceland, circa June 2013. Amazing memories flooded back and I’m inspired to share this writing with you now. Let’s step back in time, to this fascinating country that stole my heart. Almost two years on, I’m still yearning to go back. //