London: Living, Loving and Leaving

World Address Book, Words by Emma Kate

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It ends with the long haul on the Piccadilly line. Twenty-three stops, Heathrow-bound. Hands in lap, mind adrift and wild. At each point on the line, memories dance to life: that one time when; the hilarious morning of; the night when two worlds collided. Then, a stop you hadn’t yet ventured to. A missed adventure? Probably. Too bad; it’s too late. Onward the carriage hurtles.

A handful of commuters filter out at each stop, and return above ground to their ‘another’ London day. I have no another days remaining; the visa expiry in my passport is uncompromisingly stamped hard and definitive, dated today.

By the last few stops, all there is left are a few suitcase-clutching travellers facing the same fate. Destination: the sky. Fast-forward and here I am – navigating my way through the labyrinth of airport walls throbbing high with emotion – to the line up. Plane after plane transcends into the night sky; leaving a trail of flickering lights muffled through black sky. Then, nothing. The engine of my plane roars. Lift off.

And suddenly, I’m gone, too.

Just like that.


Oh, the places we’ll go

Behind The Scenes, Words by Emma Kate

Hello there, curious wayfarer.
It all begins today. And you’re here. Welcome!

Come right inside and kick off your shoes. Make yourself at home in our new digs. A cup of coffee?
Or maybe, champagne? I’m feeling festive.

These kinds of days only happen once in a while… (more…)