Brand Confetti Wrap Up!

News & Happenings, Words by Emma Kate

Over a year ago we – Emma and Sonia – got together as we usually do when we’re both in the same city, at the same time. But there was something different about this time. Something more was bubbling away under the surface.

After the usual, “how are you, no how are you really and what’s been happening” chat, we very quickly cut to the chase (because we’re good like that!) and put it out there to the universe and to each other – we wanted to collaborate.

On something special. Something that would give back to others. Something that would capture all of the tips and tricks, wins and lessons we’d each garnered over the past several years of being and working in the online space.

And so, back and forth we went until this year, when it all came together in a beautiful, sparkly, right form:

Brand Confetti.

To say we were blown away would be an understatement of EPIC proportions.

As we’re now based in two cities, we decided to have double the fun, and do 2 x workshops – first, in Adelaide, followed by Melbourne!
And both groups in Adelaide and Melbourne were SO wonderful, so present, so engaged, so positive, so interactive and so eager to learn.

Day 1 was an extensive deep dive into having a strong brand presence online. Discovering your ‘why’. Learning how to tell your brand story. Clarifying your brand’s style and identity. Learning the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram. Discovering the joys of dream collaborations. And, of course, Happy Hour to finish (this was an Em + Sonia event, after all).

Day 2 had a certain magic in the air, as we started with a hand lettering lesson to loosen up and unlock creative energy. We then explored content, photography and editing. And finally it was time to create – content, that is. The art of the flatlay was broken down and experimented with. Photos were taken of each other, products and creations. And the results were edited to perfection.

Here’s a little photo album from both events!

Brand Confetti ADELAIDE:

Brand Confetti MELBOURNE:

Events of THIS magnitude and specialness (totally a word) are simply not possible without an army of extra special supporters, and so we would like to thank the following people and companies for believing in our concept and being part of the dream…


Is there a correlation between featuring coffee in a photo and increased engagement on your Instagram? We were pretty keen to find out. Not only did Nespresso bring the fuel to kickstart our brains in the morning, their pods also provided a deep rainbow of colour inspiration for styling. You can drink coffee in all situations, but after our flat laying lesson, everyone came away experts at working a pod and a beautifully poured expresso into any shot.


By surrounding ourselves with creative minds at each workshop, we knew we needed a creative answer to the sweet tooth craving after lunch [or after breakfast?]. And Loving Earth brought the chocolatey treats we needed to re-energise. Completely raw, vegan and simply gorgeous, we didn’t even have to think twice, sitting pretty in a bowl, within arms reach, or styled in a flat lay. Seriously, Loving Earth, come again.


When learning about the need-to-know tips of school media, creative and business, it can be easy to forget about the everyday necessities. Thankyou ever so kindly kept us hydrated with water, so that our workshoppers could soak up every last piece of knowledge we threw at them. All whilst knowing that their water was helping to support millions of people who don’t have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis. Win. Win.



There is no better motivation than knowing a big glass of wine is waiting for you at the finish line. Whilst we believe our workshops were more of an informative wander through the park than a marathon, there is nothing more encouraging than a bottle of Jeanneret Wine [well we think so]. So at 5 o’clock, bottles were popped. The light murmur in the room quickly rose to an excited bubble as reds, whites, and shades of pink were passed around. A South Australian made wine with a mantra of making what they love, telling us to ignore trends and rules, no one seemed more fitting to celebrate two SA partners in crime.


Poppies for Grace really brought a POP of colour to our workshops, covering our floors with their [very fitting] sparkly confetti and lining our walls with their signature balloons. Creating a couple of big bangs and the source of background giggles across both the Melbourne and Adelaide workshops. No one is as good at bringing colourful joy to a space as girls at Poppies for Grace.

Our venues:

• Austin Bloom (Adelaide)
• The Studio Melbourne (Melbourne)

Our caterers:

• From The Wild (Adelaide)
• SOS Café (Melbourne)

Our florists:

• Austin Bloom (Adelaide)
• Say It With Flowers (Melbourne)

Special thanks also to our respective men, Chris and Charles for moving furniture, making coffee, pouring wine, and smiling and nodding at all the right times!

And last, but not least, a personal little thank you from me to my amazing workshop co-host, Sonia. You are everything real + wonderful, and I literally cannot imagine having brought this to the world with anyone else. I adore Brand Confetti for a great many reasons… one of which, is the months of lead-up and preparation meant twice-weekly phone calls/Skype sessions, giving us the beautiful chance to become so much closer. I am so VERY proud of what we have made together. And, better yet… I know it’s just the beginning!

So… what’s next?

We’re glad you asked!

We’ll be coming together again to review, plan and create more Brand Confetti events in 2018 and yes, we’ll be hitting the road. So stay tuned!

You can stay up to date by joining our special Brand Confetti mailing list.

Thank you to our first ever Confetti Crews, thank you to those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and thank you to those of you who want to be part of this sparkly little universe we’ve created.

Until soon… x

Thank you so much April for taking most of our Adelaide Brand Confetti Photos.
Melbourne photos taken by me!

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