Today, I’m thrilled to share the back story on a very special and much-loved piece in our latest collection: Little Dreamer. The words I write and put onto products have always (so far in) come from my own personal journey – travel inspired, love inspired – words I needed to hear, and share. But, the words of Little Dreamer are the result of a beautiful collaboration with one of my dearest friends Jody.

Spirited, bright, and disarmingly present, Jody has a warmth and a groundedness about her like no one else. In the presence of Jody, I always feel instantaneously calm, heard, and held. Often, I will arrive at our coffee date in a flurry of chaos, with deadlines and worries bubbling over the surface, feeling like a less than together version of myself. As soon as I sit down with Jody, it all seems to gently fall away. With a big exhale, and our wonderfully real conversations, I am always gently reminded of what (really, really) matters.

Jody was one of the very first friends I made when I returned home from London. We had been in the same online blogging group, Bloghearted (a pivotal course for me, in launching my brand + work into the online space). And right from the start, I felt that Jody and I had known each other for far longer than a moment. She’s since become one of my best and closest friends – a confidant and constant support, as I found my feet after London, made a life for myself in Australia, launched my business, met my love, shifted base over to Melbourne. With Jody, no matter what, it’s only EVER full support, all love, and an abundant dose of trust, and knowing.

And just as life has evolved so hugely for me, these past three years since we connected, it has equally (exponentially) for her. When I first met Jody, she was about to fly up to Byron Bay to marry Jase (also now a dear friend) in what has to be the most beautiful wedding ever (watch their video – I still cry). I’ve been present, waiting in the wings with my support as Jody left her demanding full-time corporate role, in the pursuit of her own dreams, and stepped into her deeper power. I’ve been there as Jody and Jase launch two incredible businesses – The Meditation House, and Jody’s own website design & copywriting offering, via Jody McGrice. And most recently, I’ve witnessed surely the most beautiful transition of all – watching Jody become a mother to River. So tiny and precious – the most exquisite, and handsome little human, who instantly stole all of our hearts.

Jody and I have always had an uncanny way of being in sync. When I first asked if she might consider working on a collaboration together, in honour of River, with her penning the words for a piece of art for a newborn’s nursery, it felt like the idea was already there, just sitting below the surface.

I cannot claim to yet have the lived experience, emotions (or hormones!) that come with becoming a mother, and the words that Jody has channelled are so utterly perfect.

I’ve asked Jody to share her thoughts on our collaboration, and motherhood… over to you, Jody x

It would seem that somewhere along the way I had fallen victim to the notion that children distract you from your work – however, I’ve found this is not true for me. My sweet child has become my greatest and most potent source of inspiration. He is a gift to both me and my work…

From the sheer miracle of creating life, to his beautiful birth and then continuing to breathe life and love into him each day, having a child has allowed me to experience the creative process in the most true and primal way. It has stretched me both physically and metaphorically to the edges of my creativity and taught me the true meaning of creation, devotion and presence.

Each night as I land back into the quiet of his room, the soft amber glow of the salt lamp filling the space, my baby nestled in my lap, his tiny hand perfectly perched upon my breast I am reminded – he chose me. He trusts me to honour myself, my work and the work that is to be done for his divine, wide awake generation.

When people say children distract you from your work, this is not true for me. (However, he has taught me the art of time management, the power of a mother’s mission and what I am capable of with a little help from a strong cup of coffee)

As Emma mentioned, we have always had an uncanny way of being in sync; however when Em first asked my thoughts on working together on this piece, I don’t think I had even opened my laptop since River had arrived into our lives (gulp!). But, it is true that it did feel like these words and this project was patiently waiting below the surface – it just required this sleepy mama to crack open her laptop, pour herself a cuppa and write. And, in the still of the night when the rest of the house was sleeping – the words came. My wish for my baby boy came to life.

Little Dreamer is my wish for him, and all of his friends. Shared from the wide open heart of one mother to all the magical babies who have chosen now as their time. This divine banner takes pride of place in River’s room, and each night when I am nursing him off to sleep I speak the words over him, I breathe the energy into him and place him down to sleep with my deepest wish watching over him.

And on the nights when I am tired to the bone, and have been stretched to my very limit these words act as a gentle reminder to me, too. I can only hope they do the same to all the beautiful parents that give of themselves so freely in honour of our children. May we never forget our childlike ways, never carry more than we can hold and always remember the secret to having it all, is knowing we already do.

My darling Emma, thank you for the opportunity to honour my darling boy in such a way, and, thank you for trusting me to create art with you. I am, hand on heart, grateful for your friendship and to be truly seen by you.

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Portrait images of Jody, River and myself – credit Amy Agnew

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