Oh, the places we’ll go

Behind The Scenes, Words by Emma Kate

Hello there, curious wayfarer.
It all begins today. And you’re here. Welcome!

Come right inside and kick off your shoes. Make yourself at home in our new digs. A cup of coffee?
Or maybe, champagne? I’m feeling festive.

These kinds of days only happen once in a while…

Homes and Hemispheres

If you’ve been a part of the story somewhere before today, you’ll notice that Emma Kate Creative has shimmied into a slightly new outfit (cue deep breath) – Emma Kate Co. She still hails from the same creative heartbeat, but these days she is a little more grown up – cheeky – and playful. A little more fresh. Streetwise. Strong. Purposeful. A little more knowing. A lot more traveled. She’s unabashedly soaked in wanderlust. Wild, and free. Insatiably curious and on a big, bold mission to shake the world. With loads of heart.

Emma Kate Co. needed a new name, and a new home. To get here there has been many an overnight, lengthy Skype meeting, spontaneous fist pumps and occasional couch jumping, as well as sleepless nights, coffee drunk with tears of frustration (and some very patient friends). Simultaneously, I movedcountry hemisphere – that is, London to Adelaide (hello sunshine!)

With all of that, it feels rather surreal today to gratefully – finally – thankfully welcome you to my live, happy (and functioning!) online space. Arms outstretched, heart on sleeve, I declare my big dreams, come what may. And this blog will become the confidant; the celebrator; the witness as I chase each down.

The Tour

So, what can you find in these digs? Well, dear hearts. Let me give you the tour!

As an aside: please excuse the remaining ‘scaffolding’ for now. Renovations (development) will be continuing on behind the scenes for quite a while, yet. You’ll notice some nifty new features that I am SO excited to reveal soon, and not too far down the way, a whole new brand look for Emma Kate Co. as well, because as someone beautiful wisely told me, outgrowing your brand feels a bit like wearing a dress you loved three years ago. I’m all for new dresses!

You’ll find the main rooms (pages) along the top menu. From here, you can shop for current stationery collaborations and lifestyle goods – most recently, Scatter Love Series 2, and our 2015 digital calendar collaboration with The Strategy Lab. Over the coming months, you’ll see new ranges and collaborations popping up here and there, too.

Current brick-and-mortar stockists can be found right here, and those wanting to become a wholesaler can step right this way.

I’ve been busily packaging up my freelance design services and offerings – which will be available to see soon. And I’m grateful to say, my calendar is filling fast (I am currently opening for design projects from March 2015).


And right here, on the blog, oh goodness, I have just got SO much planned for the coming months.

Part resource, part inspiration, there will be:

  • CITY GUIDES and illustrated maps: your curated WORLD ADDRESS BOOK. Dotted with poetic tales from faraway lands, travel photography, and practical everyday must-knows… like where to get the best coffee.
  • HOW-TO type tutorials is in every shape and shade: How to move (and thrive) overseasHow to take beautiful Instagram photos. How to… who knows yet. We’ll have fun.
  • There will be INTERVIEWS with trailblazing, game-changing creatives scattered around the globe on the big, gritty life questions, the creative process, and everything in between.
  • BRAND COLLABORATIONS aplenty (if you want to make something together, drop me a line and let’s chat).
  • Behind-the-scenes creative snippets and stories from my own life and travels.
  • And… much more.

Remember, this is your home too, and you’re welcome to pop on over, night or day.

You see, wherever I might be in the world, I’ll always be right here. x


So tell me: what do you think of the new digs? And… if there’s more than one of you reading this (hi, Mum!) – is there something YOU would like to see on this blog? I welcome your suggestions gratefully + gracefully.

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