Tonight I’m thrilled to reveal a project that has been dreamweaving its way, slowly and surely into existence over the past eight months – and, for Emma Kate Co., brand new territory beyond the page… and onto metal. Metal of the rose gold plated, sterling silverkind. Yes, this means jewellery.

South Australian based Candid Jewellery approached me early in the year – well before my Wild Hearts Collection was even close to release (or existence..!) about collaborating on a signature collection of jewellery for dream seekers – dream catchers – dream weavers. They had me at rose gold. Intrigue – piqued.

It’s no secret that when it comes to brand collaborations, I am fussy. Exceedingly so. It all comes down to a feeling in my heart, and in my gut. On my first contact with Candid – honestly, I felt unsure (hear me out). Jewellery was a whole world away from the industry of paper, which I know intimately. I don’t like not knowing, and I had not the faintest clue about jewellery. If this were to come about, it had to be purposeful – unique – and different to anything I’d seen before. It had to be in collaboration with an expert – and aligned in the heart space.

And – you know, some collaborations are written in the stars, where the end product created is far greater than the sum of its parts. Quickly after meeting the Candid team, I realised first hand that Candid is very much like me – all in. I observed passion – devotedly so – and a momentum much bigger and powerful than even the team driving it.

Candid Jewellery is not costume jewellery – it’s the real deal, precious, long lasting. Attention to detail is paramount, and high quality is demanded. So much so, that we can’t actually offer rose gold necklace chain accessories in this initial release, because beautiful Candid’s founder Jen didn’t feel the quality was quite there yet. Respect (!) And so, know – this will come with our next release – when the quality is right.

What I also love about Candid is their proactivity. Candid supports worthy causes and featured charities – by donating $1.00 AUD from every single disc sold, along with other community involving, community uniting plans for 2016 (of which, I’m excited to be a part of).

As I type these words, I’ve been thinking about jewellery, and what it means. Jewellery is a very tactile reminder – it tells stories of our experiences, our feelings – who we are, who we love, where we’ve been – and where our dreams lie. I also love that jewellery is a beautiful keepsake, which most likely has a longer lifespan than any greeting card or wrapping paper. As I forge my own path in business, in the direction of my dreams, where everything is fluid, rapidly evolving and a little scary – this keepsake, eternal feeling means a lot to me. A big, grateful thank you to Amelia + Jen for pitching & co-creating this beautiful collection.

And so, without further ado, I’m so thrilled to announce this release of eight rose gold discs, with signature Emma Kate Co. lettered quotes from the Wild Hearts collection.

If you choose to literally wear words that I have handwritten, so close to your heart – please know what an honour that is for me.

And… since every exciting beginning deserves a celebration, here are some happy snaps from the launch party last week. A big, special thank you to my beautiful mentor & friend Christina Butcher {a.k.a the hair behind Hair Romance & Mrs behind Mr & Mrs Romance} for flying over from Sydney, to be at the opening – and to my exquisite friends Sonia, Dominie & Cain, and Maman & Papa for supporting me throughout every little step.

Image Credits: Cover image: Amy Agnew Photography // Image 1: Katie Mitchell Photography // Images 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: Brad Griffin Photography //  Launch party images: a mix of Sonia BavistockChristina ButcherBrad Griffin & myself.

Thank you also to Mount Lofty House for hosting this beautiful soirée – to Chester’s Wife Rose and Evo Hair for the beautiful pampering – East End Flower Market for the ever beautiful blooms and Bird in Hand for the bubbles to toast with!

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