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Scatter Love.

brightening mailboxes the world over.


or… keep scrolling to learn more.

What is Scatter Love?

Scatter Love is an idea that was dreamed up by Emma {Emma Kate Co.} and Chantelle {Fat Mum Slim}.

Our dream was simply this; to bring more joy to the world.

As lovers of paper, and good things, we created Scatter Love, a movement where people all around the world send happiness, and scatter love to hearts the world over.

We want to bring snail mail back, in the most beautiful, fun and caring way possible.

This is our third round of Scatter Love, and it might just be our best yet {although we don’t want to play favourites, because they’ve all been awesome and so well-received}.

These are words of love, encouragement, and kindness, that are just waiting for you to send them on to someone in your life.

So, get out there and scatter love.

Because when you spread happiness, happiness has a cheeky way of coming right back to you.

To you, and happier mailboxes,
Emma + Chantelle

Our story.

In 2013, we {Chantelle and Emma} had an idea.

We both loved mailing & receiving pretty postcards.
We both loved love. And we wanted to send more of both around.

So, we splashed some cheerful phrases over dots, stripes and vibrant watercolors onto simple postcards. We called it: Scatter Love.

We printed a modest 200 packets of the first series, hoping to sell them over a few months.

And… we sold out in two hours.

Orders poured in from all over the world. Thousands of Instagram photos were tagged with #scatterlove. Celebrities got involved. Whoa!

By the end of it, from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi, Stockholm to Sevillewe had sold 1,200 packets in over 16 countries.

How to Scatter Love

Step 1: Pick up a pack of postcards.


Supplies are limited, so don’t miss out.

$25 delivered – Australia Wide
[$20 + $5 shipping added at checkout]

$30 delivered – Everywhere Else
[$20 + $10 shipping added at checkout]

Step 2: Grab a card. Write some words.

Send it to someone you like (or love!) Or someone you’ve never met.
Or someone you’ve been meaning to talk to, but haven’t quite found the words.

Tell ‘em; Hello!
Tell ‘em; I miss you! Call me.
Tell ‘em; You’re awesome
Tell ‘em; You’ve got this.
Tell ‘em: I love you to the moon and back.

Step 3: Use the hashtag #scatterlove to share your scattering.

On Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s see how far this ripple effect can go.