Wild Hearts


Drenched in tales of travel, love and adventure,
the Wild Hearts collection is for the
dream seekers » dream catchers » dream weavers….



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// Hit Play + Watch Me  //

The Wild Hearts collection is for the dream seekers, dream catchers and dream weavers.

It’s like I’ve opened the lid on a big jar of fireflies and released them into the world, in printed form… little beams of light that summon wild romance and creative abandon, wherever they wind up.

The collection features my own hand-lettered brush script and a simple palette of dark navy, sage, soft apricot, rustic linen, and rose gold foil.

I believe that nothing truly beautiful ever shouts for attention. The colour palette, shapes, brush strokes and words layer to delicately tell stories from my travels – the textiles of Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, flea markets of Amsterdam and Australian botanicals from my late Grandfather’s garden, but the real meaning of these designs is the customer’s own story that becomes woven in. That’s what writes a lasting meaning. The range has been printed in Australia on environmentally responsible, carbon neutral art stock, and all greeting cards feature a botanical printed custom envelope.

Arms outstretched, heart on sleeve, I’ll continue to chase this dream every single day, with everything I’ve got.

// From Simple Beginnings // 

If you’ve been a part of our story before today, you might notice we’ve shimmied into a slightly new outfit. One year since launching our first collection, we’re a little more grown up. A little more cheeky, fresh, and minimal. Understated, yet stronger. Purposeful, and conscious. A little more knowing, and daring. Wild and free, as ever before.

With this new collection, you’ll also see we’re moving beyond the page. Inside, you’ll find words splashed onto 1.8 metre linen wall banners, and imminent plans to release other lifestyle pieces more tactile and enduring. If there was one word that could summate this past year, it would have to be… wild. Crazy/mad/inspiring – yes. Petrifying – absolutely.

And even more? Exciting, exquisitely so. May the adventure continue….


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