Meet our stockist: Co.Co

Meet our Stockists, Words by Emma Kate

Something that’s been on our dream list for quite a while now is to invest a little more time going back to the heart of how this very brand started. That is, right here on our blog, telling real stories.

And with the launch of our brand new, beautiful website, it feels the right time to launch a brand new monthly series here on the blog, introducing you to some very, very special humans.

You see, to get our products out into the world beyond our own online shop, we join forces with a host of extraordinary small (and not-so-small) businesses spanning across Australia, The United Kingdom, North America, Canada and Asia. The people we get to work with everyday are absolutely incredible. Our stockists are our brand ambassadors. And they’re all generous, hard-working, delightful, talented, generous, loving and kindred good humans, all with their own stories. And it’s these long-term relationships fostered that are one of our greatest joys of all, in doing this business.

Today, we begin our Meet our Stockist series. Starting with one of our favourites: Co.Co!

We always say the “Co.” in Emma Kate Co. holds many meanings beyond an abbreviation for “Company” – to us, Co. also stands for Co.llaboration. Co.mmunity. Co.urage. Co.nnection. And when we met Co.Co it was like a beautiful twist of destiny.

Co.Co was one of our first stockists, and owners Lisa, Sue and Josh quickly became our dearest friends. Three years on, we even moved in (read the full story here.)

It’s hard to describe Co.Co with just words. Co.Co is… your lifestyle confetti! Co.Co is more than a store filled with beautiful products (although, everything in the store is exceptionally beautiful). With a passion for beautiful design, a little touch of luxe and a whole lot of love, Co.Co is a coveted destination for inspired living.

Step inside the Port Melbourne store, and you’re guaranteed to be showered in love, and discover the most beautiful homewares, stationery, furniture, books and collection of pieces to bring a little touch of magic to your home.

Without further ado, let’s meet Lisa: Creative Heart of Co.Co.


Tell us about your story with Co.Co. How did you come to be where you are right now – and was this a career path you always envisioned?

Before Co.Co, my background was in Accounting, Finance & Consulting.  Apart from my close network, not many would know that Co.Co is my love story…

Six years ago I was a customer walking in to Co.Co (different back then) to purchase a gift and on that particular day I met the sweetest human behind the counter, Josh.

Long story short, he then went searching for me in the office suites across the street from Co.Co. Two and half years into our relationship I left the finance industry and joined the Co.Co family, and now six years on since meeting, we are now married.

I had always thought my career path would be in finance, and my dream was to work overseas, in Barcelona and Paris and never did I think I would end up working with family, especially with my husband!

Now, I get to work with my husband, our fur baby Lexi and beautiful mother in law Sue. I feel my my stars aligned with Co.Co where it has sparkled my creative side and even through small business challenges I can truly say, is my place of happiness.

What is the Co.Co personality – and who is the Co.Co customer?

Majority of the time Co.Co is fun and vibrant, however like Melbourne we can be also be unpredictable!

The Co.Co customer is quite diverse, they love style and they love to style, they could be looking for the perfect gift for all celebrations for all ages. Like us, they love to be surrounded with a Co.lourful Co.llection  of products and personalities and that is why all customers are welcome, including the four-legged.


Daily routines & everyday store life

First thing in the morning, I…

Cuddle Lexi and embrace gratitude. Then coffee is a must!

What’s a non-negotiable, or favourite daily ritual in your store?

We put on some good jams, light a candle in store for the good feels and finish off the day with wine o’clock.


Filling your store with the right mix of products is a beautiful art – and one you do so well.  How do you come across amazing designers, and curate the store with know what is a good fit?

I think having a clear understanding of our brand and what/how we want to represent is very important. Over the years we have been able to tap into our business stats, so some decisions are data driven.

Having two buyers allows us to have different perspectives in different age brackets, and then our collection always comes together cohesively. As Co.Co is always changing we find that we lean towards the changing trends.

A lot of our curated collection is also influenced by personal taste and style, and at times it is purely gut!

Who is a muse or inspiration for you, right now?

Florals are my muse and I find so much inspiration for colour and style through my never-ending list of talented florists.


With the benefit of hindsight, what is one thing you now know about running a business, that you wish you had known when you started?

Things don’t always have to be 110% perfect and structured, sometimes you just have to run with it.

What are 3 of your go-to productivity resources?

My husband (hehe)
My phone and calendar!


What’s your first memory of meeting Emma Kate Co.? How did you come across the brand, and how does it make you feel?

We first came across Emma Kate Co at her first Life InStyle trade fair. We attend this fair to find additional gems for our store, and that you were!

Viewing your products, we were captured by your words, thrilled with the exceptional quality and found ourselves immersed with inspiration and knew we just had to have your brand as part of our Co.Co family.

Since then, not only has it been a work relationship, but we feel lucky to have gained a beautiful friendship as well.

Name your most favourite Emma Kate Co. product, and also something you’d love to see us make?

It’s a little tricky as we love it all but if we had to choose, one of our faves is your ‘imperfectly perfect’ greeting card

We would love to see a book filled with EKC travels and inspiration so the world can continue living vicariously through you and see beyond EKC stationary brand.

Beyond your store – let’s talk about YOU!

When do you feel most successful?

When everyone around me is happy, my mind is clear…

What are you excited about right now? Is there something special you’re working towards, in life or business?

Right now I am excited about Christmas. Christmas at Co.Co (and as a family) is special.

Behind the scenes at Co.Co we are always working on something, be it small or big. In life I am always trying to convince Josh to jet off and move to the other side of the world for six months of each year (this will most likely not happen but a girl can dream).

The locale

You call Port Melbourne home. What’s the best-kept secret of this precinct?

I love Harry & Frankie wine bar.

Also word in the street, there should be a secret cocktail bar opening…..

Where can we get the best coffee nearby?

We love our neighbours across the road, Noisette. Where you can find French delicacies too – dangerous! 
Otherwise Lenny is a new fave.


Last, but not least, how do we find you?

Store Address 59 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Opening Hours Sat – Wed: 10am – 5pm, Thurs – Fri 10am – 6pm 

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