Celebrating our residence at Co.Co

Behind The Scenes, Words by Emma Kate

When I signed up to Life InStyle three years ago – my very first trade show – I had no idea what might come from it. I hoped for orders and stockists that could enable me to start my business (it did), but I never could have imagined that at this trade show, I’d also meet two loves of my life… Charles – my now partner – and also – Lisa, Sue and Josh of Co.Co – one of the very first stockists on our books, and a few years on, some of my dearest friends.

It was 2016, and I was newly moved to Melbourne, a little out of place with not that many friends I could call on for wine. Lisa suggested: come to Co.Co after hours, let’s have wine! I drove over to Port Melbourne and arrived to a bottle of my favourite white, a cheese platter of dreams, and a bouquet of fresh flowers (kindred flower lovers – this girl just gets me). Right there and then, I knew I’d made my first new Melbourne friend. And all I’ve known since, is joy, laughter, wine, travel, flowers, dream chasing and a very dear friendship with Lisa.

Fast forward another year, and after a good while of renting desk and warehouse space at Orbitkey HQ (Charles and Rex, I will forever be grateful for your generosity to house us as long as you did), our two businesses were growing too fast and the office was bursting at the seams. And over a(nother) wine, Lisa suggested: why don’t you move in with us?

A handful of weeks later, two removalists, a lot of Bunnings shelves and some help flown in from Adelaide (thank you Dad), there we were: in residence.

It takes everything to chase (and grow) a dream, but it means more than everything to be able to show up every day, and do in the company of the Co.Co family. Sue, Josh and Lisa are the most generous, welcoming and supportive souls I know – and being surrounded by their good energy is the most beautiful blessing.

Last month, we celebrated with an intimate gathering at Co.Co with our nearest & dearest – with bespoke cocktails courtesy of our friends at Capi, and wine provided by 6ft6 Wine.

Needless to say, we have so much creativity and collaborations we’re dreaming up, beyond warehousing our stock and having our studio desks in residence at Co.Co. It’s just the beginning. Watch this space!

A selection of our favourites from Capi: including cucumber sparkling mineral water, and grapefruit soda.

Our selection of 6ft6 wine, ready to crack open + celebrate!

The beautiful and talented Madeleine Gill, who made our celebration video [above]

We took the Cheese platters very seriously – of course!

Our beautiful guests – Kate from Afternoon Pick Me Up, and Luisa from Honour with Fete

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