Every year, there are some core big moments for our small business, from trade shows to design markets – and from community events to collaborations. Today, I’m taking you behind the scenes into a story and a partnership where all these strands came together to weave its own particular magic…

We’ve used noissue paper for the last couple of years. And this year, happenstance would have us meet at a tradeshow, where the doors opened to co-creating something even more special this time round.

If you know Emma Kate Co., you know that the launch of our planners is the peak of our yearly calendar – in fact, we’ve already started to lay the foundations for next year’s 2021 release! (Whoa.) Our annual production of planners calls for love and care on every level, with an extra sprinkling of magic to take each edition to somewhere we have not yet been.

Planners arrive into your hands with their own personal fanfare: confetti, cards… the best dressed out there (if we do say ourselves). And it’s all done with the least possible impact to our beautiful planet.

So… why were we so excited about our 2020 release?

noissue tissue paper was born of the same beginnings as our planners – a wish for something not yet in existence. They wanted the most sustainable, beautiful tissue paper available to any business, regardless of their size (and order volumes). Their innovation and vision has brought forward FSC certified packaging, soy-ink printed and acid-free paper. What better packaging for our beloved planners?

Now, when you buy an Emma Kate Co. planner, it comes lovingly wrapped in the best of noissue TLC. That is:

Tissue paper – customised with Emma Kate Co.’s signature messages,

Stickers – matching our 2020 release’s core colour palette,

Tape – sealing it all up with that extra something, and

Biodegradable mailers – so that all you’re left with are the memories you fill the pages with.

As a brand, we are so much more than the products we sell. Every relationship is important to us, and every process tended to with care and attention. Collaborations only happen when there is complete alignment with our wish to deliver the best with our community.

It’s been such a pleasure to join creative forces in such a special and tangible way with noissue in 2019!

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