Did you hear? Last week, Jaclyn @ Blog Society and I announced an exciting collaborative venture for April – we’ve launched a global social media initiative in the name of wellbeing. We’ve called it: a Collective Celebration of Self-Care. And, it’s time to reveal our quote for week two!

Our message this week is wildly simple, pretty potent and also, kinda vital :: LIVE WELL.

{Download your printable poster :: LIVE WELL}

For me, living well means living a life with unbridled freedom, heart on sleeve and fully expressed. I need honesty. I need authenticity. I need to live by my own rules, in order to live well. Living well means protecting my energy and honouring the full gamut of my emotions and human experience. Living well means feeling connected to community – to having a tribe of beautiful friends who get me, celebrate + support me as I do them. Living well means feeling purposeful, and productive, and being okay in times of great unknown, by living the questions bravely. Living well means showing up and giving my dreams everything I’ve got and chasing them with abandon.

My life is in a space of big transition right now – and in the name of living well, I decided it was vital to call in the right support. It’s powerful to have a witness to support, and cheerlead, and keep you accountable to the greater goal. I’ve jumped into working with my soul sis Carly Stephan (Pockets of Peace) on some ‘spiritual cheerleading + soul support’ coaching. Over the next few months, we’ll be working on a multitude of things all centred around integrating spirit + wellness-focused rituals into my every day. I’m on a mission to be more connected to spirit and body, and to integrate practices that will assist me unleash my power. And to totally own this year. In a graceful, wholehearted way.

So, back to the project! We’ve created some fun social media buttons (below) and we’d LOVE for you to use them to pledge + celebrate living well, and practicing self-care. Simply right click on one of the images below, to download and save, to use via Instagram or Facebook with the#bloglovefest hashtag. We are SO grateful for you joining us. Let’s change the world.

Tell me: What does living well mean to you? How are you living well today, this month, this lifetime?

Let’s start a conversation. x

PS: thanks to my girl Carly for being the best hand model / poster girl possible + for shooting these pics with LOTS of curious onlookers xx

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